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Genie Mini White Screens

Genie Mini White Screens

Had the Genie upgrade on August 12, 2013 and I have experienced "white screens" and loss of server connectivity ever since.  The Genie client will connect only after resetting the Genie and the mini's and will loss connectivity after approximately 4 - 5 hours.  I  have now had service technicians out on at least 5 occasions and have replaced the Genie, SWIM switch, balanced splitters, and re-ran coax cabling.  All efforts have failed to fix the problem.  I'm assuming there have been some Genie installs that do not have this problem and based upon the different "fixes" the technicians have completed, I cannot understand (nor the Technicians) why these issues are happening with my install.  After all fixes failed, I was informed the problem is a software and not a hardware issue.  I'm not sure this is the case either as it would seem to me all Genies installed will be impacted.  ( I have the Genie HR44 and not the HR34)

As of this post, I have not received an official response from Direct TV as to the true/correct/actual problem. Any "true" insight as to what is going on with my system will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

I resolved my issue.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

Care to share your resolution with others here?

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

First off, I had DirectTV technicians remove 3 mini clients and now only have two.  (I really don't believe the Genie can support continuously 5 clients). The clients were replaced with 2 HD receivers and 1 DVR.   I first disconnected (power and coax cable) all DVRs, receivers, clients and my Internet DECA connection.  I then proceeded to "restart' my Whole home system one by one in the following order:

1) Non-Genie DVRs: Upon restarting each I decided to check the satellite "dish type" and discovered each one was different.  It then occurred to me that none of the Technicians that came to my house went through the satellite setup menus for each DVR or HD Receiver.  (Not really sure if this is required..but what the heck. I found my self all alone on this issue with no real help from DirecTV so I did it.)

2) HD Receivers: Verified satellite setup for each, ran system test and only error message received was related to "no Internet connection" (Which was expected since I had not reconnected my cat 5 cable to the DECA switch )

3) Genie DVR: Verified satellite setup; ran system test; only error received related to "no Internet connection"

4) Added Genie clients using codes generated by the Genie.

5) Reconnected Internet Cat5 cable to DECA switch.

After about 20 minutes I received a message the units were connected to the Internet.  I repeated system tests on all DVRs and did not receive any error messages.  I verified that all recordings on my "old" DVR and new DVRs were visible (and playable) to all TVs.  The two mini genie clients have retained server connections since September 16.  It's been great to wake up or come home to working Genie mini client TVs. (Without having to press the red reset button on the Genie)

The above steps seems to have resolved my mini client "white screen" and "Unable to connect to Server" error messages.   I'm really curious as to whether the above will resolve these issues when there are 5 clients connected.  I'm hoping someone will try the above steps and let me know the outcome.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

You were right about the Genie not supporting 5 Clients simultaneously, 3 is the maximum.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

There you have it ladies and gentlemen...Thanks dcd for confirming my suspicions.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

I am going to have to try this on my system.  The resetting of the system is getting old and frustrating.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

Let's be clear about the Genie/client limitation.  A Genie can be registered to up to 8 clients, however a Genie can stream to up to 3 devices/clients at any given time.  These client/devices, can be an RVU DirecTV client, an RVU TV, a GenieGo and/or an HD or HDDVR via WHDVR.

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

Just many Genie mini clients do you have?

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Re: Genie Mini White Screens

1 Genie HD DVR and 2 Minis with only one being actively used.

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