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Genie HD DVR not working


Genie HD DVR not working

I am new to DirecTV. My installation was 3 weeks ago. I have a Genie HD DVR HR-44-700 and a Genie Mini. I woke up this morning and the Genie is not working. There are no blue lights on the front. I have a green power light on at the back of the Genie. There is a humming noise, similar to a person breathing on and off.

I called customer service. After unplugging receiver, re-setting receiver and other simple steps, the problem was not resolved. Technical service cannot come out until tomorrow.

I specifically signed on for DirecTV service for football season. With the opening of college football today, I am a pretty upset customer.

Is there anything solution to the receiver problem?

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Re: Genie HD DVR not working

It appears that your Genie had a major failure.  Unfortunately, without the Genie, the Mini Clients won't operate.  This won't help you today, but I like to have one HD receiver in addition to the Genie in an installation so you have a back up unit.

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Re: Genie HD DVR not working

The Genie was replaced. According to the technician, the Genie was a lemon. Only lasted 2 weeks.

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