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Error 775 SWM problem


Error 775 SWM problem

Ok, so my tv has been working fine until I came home from work today and there was a 775 error message saying the tv couldn't communicate withe the sattelite. So I called Directv and they said it is the SWM box. The green light is not on. I've checked and everything is screwed on tight is there anything else I can do to try to fix the problem myself? Can it be reset or anything? Today is Tuesday and they can't send anyone out to fix it until Saturday.

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Re: Error 775 SWM problem

Sorry no but it maybe on their website or On Demand in a few days.

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Re: Error 775 SWM problem

If you had the system hook to the internet then you can go to directv.com/getconnect and login and then you can watch it on a cell phone or tablet or laptop for now till the Tech comes out. Hope it helps

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Re: Error 775 SWM problem

Directv is not working. Every thing is screwed in tight. Called Directv I was told to disconnect the SWIM inverter and after a few seconds plug it into another plug. Did so it worked for a while then the 775 error message came back. They want me to pay $99 for a tech to come out or $8 a month. what can I do to fix this

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