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Error 771


Error 771

Can anyone help?  I keep getting error 771 and have rebooted my receivers numerous times. I can get very few channels that aren't having this issue, but most channels are frozen. This has been going on for quite some time and isn't getting better no matter what I try.

101'  A

1-8:     67-73- 68- 0- 69-83-74-77

9-16:      53-55-61-0-58-76-67-89

17-24:    67-56-69-0-74-87-67-84

25-32:  62-49-71-56-70-84-67-84

I have regular receivers, no HD.  I guess I will have to call for a service appt.

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Re: Error 771

Those are very low signal readings. It strongly suggests that your dish needs alignment. If you are not able to do it yourself, you need to call DirecTV for a service appointment.

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Re: Error 771

Thank  you. I will do so.

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