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Error 721


Error 721

I had DirecTV Jadeworld and Preferred Choice Base Package. As of November 18, 2012, DirecTV now longer carries Jadeworld and as a result ChineseDirect (for Preferred Choice subscribers) and ChineseDirect Plus (for Choice subscribers) will be substituted in its place. As of 11-18-2012 I am receiving only 5 out of the 8 channels in the ChineseDirect lineup. The 3 I am not receiving is 213,216, and 620. When I switch to these three channels I receive a 721 error code which directs me to refresh my receiver. I did this three times with no success. Finally giving up I then called DirecTV yesterday and they told me the technicians will take care of it and they did not give me a timetable of when it will be resolved. They just told me that when it is resolved my channels will just "work". Here I am more than 24 hours later still no access to these channels. As a last desperate measure I power cycled the receiver and the power inverter. Still error 721 for channels 213, 216, and 620.


Anyone former JadeWorld subscribers having this problem since the transition???


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Error 721

Yea.... call another CSR and request a Resend Authorizations or Restart Service.. Fixes it in 2 seconds...

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Re: Error 721

you can try log in to  if that does not work then a call to DirecTV is in place

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