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Directv refuses to replace my pixilation machine (HR34)


Directv refuses to replace my pixilation machine (HR34)

Like so many others, my HR34 has had ongoing pixilation problems on recordings. This has gone on since last spring on two different machines. The first HR34 had a bad hard drive, but the second has passed all tests, even by a technician. From the other posts, I came to realize that the only solution is to upgrade to an HR44.

During the last two weeks, I have called DTV several times and have spoken to four supervisors. Three of them said there is nothing they can do to get me an HR44. The other one said she is having the same problem with her machine and said she would have an HR44 sent to me immediately. I thought my problems were finally over, but the new machine turned out to be another HR34!

I called back and was told there is no way to request an HR44. There protocol is to always send out an HR34 unless they don't have any in stock.

Usually the pixilation has been a few times a week on NBC, but recently things have been getting worse. It now happens almost every day on other local channels and even on some cable channels. (My HR21 never has an issue.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get DTV to replace my defective machine with one that actually works?

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Re: Directv refuses to replace my pixilation machine (HR34)

You need to politely escalate and remain persistent.  As you'll see in other threads, some folks have been successful in getting DirecTV to replace their HR34's with HR44, so it can be done.  Good luck.

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Re: Directv refuses to replace my pixilation machine (HR34)

Ask for a service call. The tech will probably have only HR44s on his truck and if he sees that your 34 has to be replaced he will put in one from his truck. Several people on other forums have reported that this worked for them. The only problem would be that if your 34 is having a "good" day when he comes then he might not replace it.

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Re: Directv refuses to replace my pixilation machine (HR34)

Yesterday, I got a service call. He gave me an HR44, no questions asked! Luckily, my HR34 had a couple of bad days just before he came, and I had several examples to show.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Directv refuses to replace my pixilation machine (HR34)

I'm glad you got a good result, that's great.

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