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DVR Receiver

DVR Receiver

I want to install my SWM dvr receiver in my RV, but I only have an 18x20 sat. dish. How can i do this?

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Re: DVR Receiver

Its going to involve a swm 8 multi switch and a power 29 inserter

Going to be way easier running two lines unless we are talking hr-34/44

Which is swm only

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Re: DVR Receiver

can I just set my receiver on 18x20 and just use it as a standard dvr?

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Re: DVR Receiver

Yes but in the settings you will have to do in this order

Go to satellite setup

Change switch settings from Sam

To multi switch

Select dish type 2 18x20

Set tuner from dual to single

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Re: DVR Receiver

* from SWM

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Re: DVR Receiver

Do I leave it on sat 101 or change to 110?

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Re: DVR Receiver

Just hit continue if you are trying to peak use 101

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ACE - Expert

Re: DVR Receiver

What model "SWM DVR" do you have?  The HR34/44 DVRs can only be used with SWM setups.

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Re: DVR Receiver

Note that all of the conversation thus far is premature until you answer Peds question, what is the model number (inside card door) or your DVR?

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Re: DVR Receiver

hr-24 is the model


Robert E Dermon

Sue C Dermon

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Re: DVR Receiver

It is an HR-24

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Re: DVR Receiver

It will work fine just follow the instruction I posted

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Re: DVR Receiver

Thank you, I will keep you posted. <br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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Re: DVR Receiver

You won't need any other equipment.  Simply connect two (it will operate on just one but you'll not be able to record and watch simultaneously) coax from the dish to the HR24, run satellite setup and set dish type to "Multiswitch" then dish model to 02 3LNB.  Note that the setting to Multiswitch must occur first and the dish must be attached to the DVR for the changes to "take".

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