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DIRECTV On Demand not working for download: error "Receiver not ready for downloads" Model HR54-700


DIRECTV On Demand not working for download: error "Receiver not ready for downloads" Model HR54-700

We've had big problems with DIRECTV since it was installed May 19. We were persuaded to switch from AT&T U-Verse to lower our bill. We've spent hours, had techs out here, swapped out the Genie receiver, double re-booted, you name it. It's a long saga. We have the Choice plan + they gave us a promo for three months of HBO, Showtime, and Starz (maybe other premium channels). Finally, all the main channels and the currently airing programs on HBO etc, and recording programs are working but On Demand downloading has never worked. No matter what, we get the messages: "Receiver not ready. This receiver is not ready for downloads." AND "All downloading is currently paused." We've never gotten On Demand to work and are on our second Genie receiver.


I called support Wed. and the tech double rebooted the system again. I waited 24 hours like they said and On Demand still not working. I called today and this is what the tech (who sounded like she was in the Philippines; I didn't ask her) said after about 30 minutes going over the problem again: "This issue has been escalated to engineering. There is an outage in your area." I ranted at her in as nice a way I could and then she said, "There is a problem with the new model receivers that engineering is working on for your area." The model # we have is HR54-700.


Now supposedly this problem has been escalated to engineering, and supposedly it is a problem with other Direct TV customers in our neighborhood, and we will supposedly get updates via text and email on the progress of this problem being fixed.

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‎07-01-2019 2:59 PM

Re: DIRECTV On Demand not working for download: error "Receiver not ready for downloads"

Hi @fairfax2,


We will be happy to help! We would like to help provide some troubleshooting options.

First I recommend a restart of your receiver should take care of the issue.  Press the red reset button located inside the access card door on the front panel (or on the side of the receiver) and wait for the receiver to reboot. This How to Quickly Resolve DIRECTV Service Issues article will give some additional troubleshooting tips.

Another thing I advise checking is your internet connection:  Press the dash (-) button on the remote. If you see Not Connected, perform the following: using the remote go to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Internet and select Reconnect Internet


Do a Keyword Search for CLEARMYBOX this will reboot the receiver it will not change any settings or lose any recording it will flush all the current guide data and VOD data and reload it fresh. It will take 24 to 48 hours to fully populate.


Hope this helps!

Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: DIRECTV On Demand not working for download: error "Receiver not ready for downloads"



Did this resolve your problem for real? It didn't work on mine!!! I have the same problem as you!!

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