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Coax Not Connected (9)


Coax Not Connected (9)

Our DirecTV was professionally installed.  We have the HR34/700 receiver.  The receiver was connected to the internet up until about two weeks ago.  One day, I requested some on demand selections, which had to be downloaded because we live in the country and can only get the slowest DSL,  a connection that DirecTV deems unsatisfactory for streaming, although I can stream through the internet connection to the TV just fine.  But I digress.

When I checked on the status of the downloads the next day, the receiver said it was not connected.  Nothing had changed from an equipment or cabling standpoint.  The problem detected is "Coax Not Connected."  Result code 86-157 if that matters.  The connections through the SWiM are all firmly connected.  I can test the network cable between the DECA and the internet switch with a cable tester and it tests fine (supplied by the installer, a very short, blue, straight-through RJ-45 connector network cable).  The DECA power supply is plugged into the same power supply as the receiver and the switch and they work fine, so it's not lack of power.  There is NO ethernet cable to the back of the receiver -- we understand the network connection has to be through the DECA for the whole-house DVR product.   The switch shows no network activity (port light is blank, not green) on the port where the DECA is connected (no matter which port is used, and all the ports on the switch are working because other devices are plugged into it, including the aforementioned TV). 

I have tried re-running satellite setup as I understand that can re-set the DECA connection.  No difference.

I really think think the DECA has gone bad.  I wish there were some diagnostic lights on it or something.   Anything else I should try?  Thank you!

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Accepted by Anonymous
‎07-31-2013 5:45 PM

Re: Coax Not Connected (9)

It's possible that the DECA adapter has died.  But you can indeed connect the HR34 Genie HD DVR directly to your home network via its ethernet port.  The Genie DVRs can act as the "Cinema Connection Kit" to provide internet access for your Whole Home DVRs/Receivers.   So try connecting the HR34 directly to your home network. Then reset the HR34 (red button behind front panel access card door). 

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