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Chromecast & Directv?


Chromecast & Directv?

I have two hdmi ports on my tv.  I plugged chromecast into the empty and nothing.  I unplugged directv from the other hdmi port and put the chromecast there -- it's uploading so I can't be sure but it seems to be working so far.

Is that the only way to use chromecast, but unplugging directv each time?  Seems inconvenient, especially the way my TV is situated.

And, after the update to chromecast will it work with directv?  Anything I need to know?  The directions don't seem to address using something like directv.

Thanks for the help -- it was a spur of the moment decision so I could watch the UFC this afternoon and I don't have a lot of time to troubleshoot and appreciate any help at all.

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Re: Chromecast & Directv?

Chromecast has nothing to do with DirecTV

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Re: Chromecast & Directv?

Have you plugged DTV into the second HDMI port it may have gone bad.

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Re: Chromecast & Directv?

And of course you'll need to change the TV's input from HDMI 1 to HDMI2.

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Re: Chromecast & Directv?

Chromecast does not have a DTV app in it. DTV would be on one HDMI input, and chrome cast on the other. If your TV only has 1 HDMI input, you will have to use one at a time, or try an HDMI splitter box. 

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Re: Chromecast & Directv?

OP posted that their TV has 2 HDMI ports.

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Re: Chromecast & Directv?

He must have edited it.

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