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Center Channel dropout


Center Channel dropout

Recently I've been having a problem with the center channel dropping out on my surround sound set up.

My receiver is a HR24-200 and I had it connected to a Sunfire Theater Grand IV via the coaxial digital connection. I'm running the HDMI cable straight to the TV and the audio goes through my surround sound set up. Everything worked fine up until a couple months ago ( 3 years).

The voice would drop out on my center channel. I thought it might be the surround sound processor so I have that cleaned and checked and it came back fine. The HD DVR started going bad as I was trouble shooting the sound issue so i had that replaced. When I got the new dvd receiver it worked great for a day and the the center channel started acting up again. I noticed that previously when I was switching cables and speakers around that the problem would be fixed for a day or so and then re appear.

I switched out the Sunfire for  Yamaha RXV-765 and am having the sam issue. I am wondering if it's possible that Direct TV is having issues with the signal. I called tech support but really wasn't a relevant conversation. I would think that if I am passing the digital signal from the DVR to my HT receiver in Pro Logic mode it should either work or not work 100% and not drop out.

I have the  HD DVR set to pro logic btw

Any idea



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Re: Center Channel dropout

Have you tried connecting a blu ray player and testing out the sound? That would help isolate the problem to either the DVR or your sound system. Also, is this happening on all channels? Try it on ESPN, locals and on your favorite channel.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Center Channel dropout

Drop out on center channel is nearly always a problem with the source, so as humbleliver says, which channels?  Here in DFW, ABC is particularly prone to this error due to faulty set up at the station. Last month for about three hours we got the center channel but no left/right! Was fixed eventually.

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Re: Center Channel dropout

Yeah, I have an Oppo and I watched a movie last night just to see and all the channels worked fine. I was wondering if it could be the crossover in the speaker going bad but I think I ruled that out.

I replaced the coax cable and switched to Dolby Prologic standard mode and all the channels seem to work. I'm going to run like that for a couple days to see if it works. If it does I'll try Dolby PL II and see if that works.

The problem has been intermittent across all channels. It'll work for a day and the next 3 days the center will break up. This happens to vocals on Fox News, all audio on an HD movie channel  and the other channels as well. I do't watch the broadcast channels much.

I gotta run but I'll report back

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Re: Center Channel dropout

If it works fine with your Oppo, then it is definitely not the sound system. If you have eliminated bad cabling as a possible source, then that leaves either the reciever or the channels.

My guess at this point is the reciever. I can't imagine it being the different listening modes not being supported, that would be extremely odd.

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