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Cannot connect DVR with tablet app


Cannot connect DVR with tablet app

I generally try to do my own searching so have done a fair amount of troubleshooting over the past 3 days and am out of ideas.


Problem: DirecTV app on a Kindle Fire tablet continually fails to register with DVR. Problem is limited to the one tablet: my iPhone and my wife's iPhone and iPad register/download/watch as per normal. Problem is also new: this tablet had been connected properly until a few days ago when the app became unstable so I reinstalled it and then couldn't register it. Under app settings -> Receiver Control my DVR is listed as available (with a little green light) with a correct IP address yet continues to fail to register.


Troubleshooting tried:

-Reinstalled DTV app on tablet.

-Reset DVR

-Reset router and confirmed within the router settings that tablet and DVR are on the same Wifi channel.

-Reconfigured network settings on the DVR, including manually changing the IP address. Tablet found the new modified IP under Settings -> Receiver Control yet still wouldn't register.

-Turned off External Device usage from the DVR Whole House settings, then turned it back on.

-After all this mucking around, tried resetting DVR and reinstalling app again and confirmed router was properly connecting with both devices and the problem persists.


I watch 95% of my TV via this tablet and would appreciated a resolution. 


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Re: Cannot connect DVR with tablet app



We appreciate you taking the time to make sure that we are aware of the issue and want you to know that technicians are already working toward a resolution as quick as possible. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Dee, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Cannot connect DVR with tablet app

Hello Dee,

How are we coming along with this solution you mention?



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Re: Cannot connect DVR with tablet app

I'm having the same exact issue with my tablet.. Was hoping to have found a solution here... 

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