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Any way to add a new HD receiver without professional installation?


Any way to add a new HD receiver without professional installation?

I've got 3 receivers (1 HD DVR, 1 HD, 1 non-HD) and am interested in adding a 4th receiver.  I already have a cable outlet in the 4th room so I don't need any help with installation.  When I called DirecTV, however, the woman on the phone indicated that it was not possible to order the receiver without installation.  She said that any new receiver also required ordering installation by DirecTV for $50.  (She also didn't seem all that certain of what she was saying--telling me she didn't know for sure if it was possible but that her computer wouldn't let her place the order without installation.)

This seems a little bit crazy to me.  Why should I be forced to pay another $50 to have someone plug the box into an existing outlet?  I know the existing cable outlet works because I've connected one my current receivers to it to test it and it worked fine. 

Does anyone know if there is a way to add a receiver without being scammed by DirecTV into paying for installation that I don't need?  E.g., is it possible to buy a receiver outright on the secondary market and then have it authorized via DirecTV? 

I realize that $50 isn't all that much relative to the monthly cost, but it really bugs me that a company that is usually so customer friendly would have a policy forcing customers to pay for something they don't need.  I'd really like to avoid it if at all possible. 

Any tips appreciated.

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Re: Any way to add a new HD receiver without professional installation?

Depends on if you have a SWM system press and hold the DASH button does it come back as SWM connected, if so you have an 8 tuner limit on the SWM LNB, HDDVRs use 2  per unit HD/SD receivers use 1 per unit Genie (SWM only) uses 5.

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Re: Any way to add a new HD receiver without professional installation?

You can order DirecTV equipment from third party vendors such as Solid Signal, which will then be shipped to you and which you can install. You would then need to call DirecTV to activate the unit. Keep in mind any equipment "purchased" in this manner will still be considered as leased by DirecTV, and activating it will still incur a 2 year service agreement.

If you have in fact moved another receiver to the location in question and confirmed that it is a working location, then this should work for you.  If there is only one connection, then you may or may not be able to put a DVR at that location and have use of both tuners (with a single coax, you can only get dual tuner use with SWM technology - shannon01 indicated how you can check for that).

If DirecTV is offering you a DVR or receiver at no cost, but charging $50 to install, that is a better deal than ordering from a third party vendor (where a receiver will be about $100 and a DVR about $200).

If you try to get a receiver or DVR from an auction site or anyplace other than an authorized dealer, be very careful. Get the receiver ID number (RID) and verify with DirecTV that the unit is owned, and that if you buy it you will be able to activate it on your account. You will not be able to activate any leased receiver you buy from someone.

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Re: Any way to add a new HD receiver without professional installation?

Just to be perfectly clear.  Press the dash button as previously posted.  Does the resulting message indicate SWM connected?  If not, your system is not capable of handling another DVR (non SWM systems have a four tuner limit, and you already have four) and you will in fact require a new SWM dish professionally installed.

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