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771-Signal Loss on Satellite In 2

771-Signal Loss on Satellite In 2

I got this message on my HR24/200 DVD receiver and called for help. After checking several things the tech determined that the B Band Converter Module was bad. The tech had me remove the cable from Sat 2 and change the setting from dual to single so I could watch TV but not record a different channel.

I received the new B Band Converter Module and assumed all I needed to do was change the setting back to dual. Unfortunately that did not work. I ran a system test and got a diagnostic code 44-660. Is it possible that the new converter is also bad or could it be the connection on the receiver itself is bad?

The other items on the Satellite menu are set to 04: Slimline-5 and 02: Multiswitch.

I've disconnected the cable from Sat 2 again and put the setting back to single and let the system go thru all its checks, but I continue to get the message No Signal on Tuner 2 and 771-Signal Loss on Satellite In 2, so now I can't watch anything. Any suggestions other than upgrading my equipment?

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Re: 771-Signal Loss on Satellite In 2

You could switch first the coax connection and then the B Band converter from Sat1 to Sat2 and see if the problem moved to Sat1.  If so, then either the B Band or the coax (or dish)  feed is bad.  If the problem remains, then the DVR is bad and Directv will replace it for the cost of shipping, $20.

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Re: 771-Signal Loss on Satellite In 2

Swapping cables. Signal started to show and then disappeared and same error message. Trying the reset button. Running receiver self check. Checking satellite settings. Takes a few minutes. Receiving satellite info upto 98% complete.


Removed power from the wall, waited 30 seconds, put cord back into wall and after the system rebooting again the 771 error show up again and still in black and white. The tech Monday better be good and bring another box with him. thanks for your help and have a good evening. Dave

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