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Think twice before unified bills at&t and directv


Think twice before unified bills at&t and directv

I was a happy cord cutter until I saw the promotion at&t wireless with directv bundle, 2 cell lines, 15 GB data plan "unlimited" plus directv for $200.  Seems it was pretty good.   I went to at&t store to signup for this awesome deal, then problems showed up a month later:

- at&t charges $109 just for this deal.

- at&t monthly charges went up $199 por month (wireless plus directv)

- Directv sends me another bill separated for the same service as at&t.

- Called at&t and says don't worry disregard directv bills.

- Directv splitted my deal so I receive at&t/directv bill plus directv bill alone.

- Directv disconneted my TV services for unpaid bills.

- Directv sends me a bill for $343 for unpaid bills for the onlyt 4 months of use.

- At&t continues charging difectv services.

- At&t says our dealing plans changes everyday and after 5 months the merge between at&t and directv is not fully completed.

- Customer (me) angry and frustated for false advertisment.

- Directv can charge $840 for early termination contract fee (seems like they are not still part of at&t).

- Directv says if I pay the $343 then I have to call and let them know I want to "unified" my account with at&t in order to enjoy the bundle.

- At&t cannot remove directv, or I get a penalty fee for early termination contract.

- Customer (me) feels like been stabed twice by two companies.


Overall, I jsut got screwed.  It's very frustrating that even the at&t store representatives cannot help you. 

I hope in the future both corporations at&t and directv start to make things more "fair" towrads customers.  False advertisement, neglet, irresponsability, bad ethics seems to run on these companies.  Unfortunately I cannot hire a lawyer and sue them for bad business, especially when I've been with at&t since cingular days. 


My hope is in the future at&t and directv can have the level of ethics according to 21st century.  We don't live in a world of ancient monarchy. 

With all respect to my wireless provider + tv service, please be fair to your customers.

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Re: Think twice before unified bills at&t and directv

Hello sherpa4k,

We are sorry for your inconvenience. We will be glad to help. Please send us a message by clicking here. Be sure to include your:


  • Name
  • Account number
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!




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Re: Think twice before unified bills at&t and directv

It's so not fair that they can do this to us and we have no way to contact the original agent because they have us connecting to agents all over the world. These agents have no repercussion against them for screwing us as customers. I had agents names and ID numbers but they would not allow me to get back in contact with the agent who assured (AT&T favorite word) me they had taken care of the issue. My nightmare still continues!

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Re: Think twice before unified bills at&t and directv

Me to they said I was eligible for a free upgrade on equipment and when I went to UVerse direct charged me a early term fee because they did not tell me if I accepted the FREE upgrade it would renew my contract with them that was already up.  I tried to resolve it since I was never told up front this would renew a contract and when I called the rep rudely said Well it is posted on our website. They are awful can't imagine why AT&T want to drop Uverse and go back to DirectTV


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