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poor customer service install technition (james)


poor customer service install technition (james)

i dont know if anyone else has experienced poor customer service from the installation tech (james). i live in the mount dora/eustis florida area and ive never experienced such a rude customer service. he acted like he did not want to be their from the start and made several comments that offended me and my girlfriend. he says and i quote "i dont really care this is just a job to me" and then another comment was and i quote "do you think im a magician and i can snap my fingers and all will be done" very poor attitude from this guy. i let him know that his comments were upsetting me and he says and i quote "well im just gonna leave then". so still no directv service and i had to leave work early to be home with my girlfriend so i cld be their when technition (james) got here. the call center is very good and on top of their game, however i have called twice ti make a formal complaint about this man and still havnt gotten a call from a supervisor. i know directv is a big corp and probably nothing will be done but this was awful service and they need to know. so if your in the mount dora/eustis area when you call to set up install date you better make sure you tell them not to send james, you will regret this very much. we have decided that we will still give directv one more try to get installed because you cant hold everyone accountable for one bad apple. thanks

                                                                                   don grant

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Re: poor customer service install technition (james)

Sorry you got a bad apple.  With thousands of representatives we do hear horror stories from time to time.  Note that no one from Directv will see your message here, and this being the Media Share technical help forum (we are all users) few will read your post.  If you want Directv to see your message you'd do well to email them.

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