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how to use media share


how to use media share

I have some videos on my pc that I would like to watch through my DirecTV HD receiver


I heard that DirecTV medis share will allow me to do this but I can't figure out how to do it


My receiver is connected to my home network and I can access the On Demand programs over the internet


How can I get the receiver to access movies on my pc?


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Re: how to use media share

Media Share uses Windows Media Player as a defaulkt server.  It looks in the default Windows folders that are created.  In Wiundows & these are the public folders.  The file type that Media Share plays is MPG2.  I suggest yuou locate a short MPG2 clip, put it in the Public Videos folder.  Open Windows Media Player and configure the player to share under the streaming header.  Temporarily disable your computer's firewall and then do a red button (inside card door) reset of your HD DVR.  When booted up the music etc option should appear under the Menu -> Extras screen.

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Re: how to use media share

Is there a specific MP2 format I need to use?


I converted a short clip using freemake video converter and converted it to Mpeg2


But when I play the clip through the receiver the video is garbled and there is no sound.  But the file plays fine on the pc


Any suggestions?


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Re: how to use media share

I'm having the same issue. I've checked all of the codecs and compared them to videos that will play. Even though the codecs are the same everything is pixelated with no sound.

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