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ap NOT working on iPad for several months now!


ap NOT working on iPad for several months now!

How many times do we have to call DTV about their apps NOT working?

They advertise “take it with you” for watching what you’re already paying for & you can’t get any solutions or answers, just their unconcerned attitude.

They blame everything on your device or internet service. Well, I can do everything else on my iPad & watch Netflix just fine, but their DTV app is BROKEN!!!!

This has been going on w-a-y too long!  Maybe if they start losing a huge chunk of customers, they may want to do some about this!  

When you do call them, you end up with someone you can’t understand!  They hire people that have heavy accents or talk too fast or connect you to

their “menu” when they say their connecting you to a technition. And then they can’t seen to find an answer for you either!  One day I was transferred to several different people, hung up on & sent BACK to the menu to start all over to get help.  I have uninstalled the ap at least four times, twice with a technician on the phone, & reinstalled to no avail.  How is it that they can take your money (and DTV is NOT cheap) but you can’t get a refund for horrible service?  Dish network is staring to look better for us.  I’s so tired of calling, getting frustrated with their stupid menus & etc. trying to get help. Then ‘they’ wonder why we’re so upset!!!  


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Re: ap NOT working on iPad for several months now!

Hi @NorthEaton!

Thank you for reaching out to us here! We understand the need to watch TV everywhere! Have you tried using another device? If not, we suggest that you try using a PC. Are you getting any error message or code?

We'd love if you can try few basic steps. To get started, please clear cache and browsing history on your iPad, uninstall the app and then reinstall the app.

You can also view this article to get tips on how to Troubleshoot your DIRECTV App.

Let us know if this helps, we're here!

Yetty, AT&T Community Specialist

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