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I want to install windows 8, but I am afraid Directv2PC will not work. I have seen other posts having issues with W8 and Directv2PC. So before I upgrade to W8, does anyone know if Directv2PC and Windows 8 are compatible. I getting a feeling that it is not. So I am looking for some user to say they have Direct2PC working under W8.



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Re: Windows 8

I'll be interested to see if you find anyone.  Of course most folks with no problems don't post in the forums so we tend to hear only from those having problems.

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Re: Windows 8

I went to the Windows 8 compatibility site and it said directv2pc was compatible.


I will wait a few more days before upgrading to hopefully  get input from users on this forum stating if this is correct or not.

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Re: Windows 8

I installed it (see my other threads in this forum).  App seems to install and run fine after doing some red button DVR resets.  But I have only been able to get a DVR playlist to partially show up one time in several weeks.  Mostly it just shows "There are no recordings at this time".  Going to try reconfiguring my home network to eliminate the DECA connection with the HR34/700 DVR.  Not sure if this is a Win8 issue or a HR34 issue.

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Re: Windows 8

I ran the Direct2pc app in compatibility mode.  Right click on Directv2pc icon click troubleshoot compatibility if running windows like a charm.  Save the setting and you are all set.

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Re: Windows 8

Successfully running directv2pc on win8, app's compatability mode set to WinXP-service pack-3 (actually had problems with setting to sp2). 

Yes - when first starting, it often says there are no recordings...  it seems that it is just taking time to gather all the info on recorded shows.  If you let it sit for a couple minutes, as I have learned to do, it inevitably (eventually) loads up the content from the DVR. 

I have an HR24, btw -- the best DVR available until very recently.  When I subscribed, it was certainly the best one.

I use an external 2TB hard disk, and despite warnings from the forum to keep the disk no more than 50% filled, mine has gotten up to 94% filled up and still works fine. 




It seems clear to me that the company is hoping to phase out or discontinue support on DIRECTV2PC.  Note that they do not mention it anywhere in the marketing, for DVR or anywhere else.  It is unmentioned.  You have to SEARCH specifically to FIND OUT THEY OFFER IT.  It was a mistake as far as DirecTV is concerned.    It relates to the corporate mission, which is to make sh**loads of money, to charge customers routinely for any tiny little convenience.  I doubt that the "Nomad" had been very popular - but it was/s clearly an attempt, IMHO, to take on the functionality of directv2pc (and a little more, granted) - that is, serving up DVR content to other devices, or yes, "on the go".  The ONLY reason to require a separate disk device (nomad) for a pc or notepad, is to sell us a fairly small (today's stds) disk for 1000% profit (one thousand percent).  They are ALL about $.. control is more $.  This is not something required by networks...  Tivo (unless it has changed) let me COPY EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM FROM THE TIVO TO MY PC, AND (provided I have a valid tivo subscriber key .. no extra charge.. btw) AND ONCE ON MY PC, ALLOWED ME TO WATCH ANY OF THE PROGRAMS, COPY THEM WHEREVER _I_ DECIDED TO STORE THEM....  EVEN LET ME BURN ANY OF THESE PROGRAMS (not On-Demand, or purchased content, but normal broadcast/cable tv programs for sure) TO DVD.  Just MAKE A DVD of nearly anything on my dvr.   DirecTV could **NEVER** allow that, they HAVE to find a way to charge you AGAIN or the "privelege" of watching a show anywhere but on your television/dvr.   Yes - directv2pc allows _STREAMING_ of A show (one at a time) from DVR...  and it seems clear that they regret allowing us to do even this.   They do not advertise it... they DO NOT EVEN MENTION it... you have to actively search for Directv2pc by name.  This tells me they're trying to figure out a way to phase it out....  replacing it with something they can charge extra for.  They are SO RIDICULOUSLY PROFITABLE, guys. .  fellow subscribers..  Yes, the actual technology has been very good, but I have been paying for it and it's not cheap.  The SUPPORT is poor imho...  still have problems with ON-DEMAND .. some channels that I definitely GET but their system will not allow me to access with ON-DEMAND..  diatribe here... dang.  apologies. 

Point is,DIRECTV2PC is not part of DTV longterm plans- I don't think they're even maintaining it anymore (not improving it, that is for certain).  There are issues with sound, specifically with certain HD audio chips, like VIA.. a common performance HD audio chip...  stutters and gets choppy, unlistenable, on directv2pc...  Typical recommendations are "try a different audio processor" (onboard chip not exactly a convenient or practical fix>....). 

Yes - it works on WIN8, with caveats, and hardware may make a difference with HD audio formats.  But it "works" for now.  Cheers and sincere apologies for diatribe.  My 2 years are almost up - probably going back to Cable for the economics of the "new customer" special deals.  !

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Re: Windows 8

The link to DIRECTV2PC is a little hard to find but it is on the HD DVR page.

I just installed it yesterday after I received the free connection kit. I have  a DELL XPS laptop with Windows 8 upgrade from Windows 7 (64 bit). I had a bit of trouble initially, perhaps because of the first show I tried to play from Playboy TV. It said I could not play protected content then crashed. It crashed every time after that when I tried to play anything. I set the permissions in parental control wide open and everything I have tried since has played. I think there is a bug in their parental controls algorithms.


The playback advisor does not run. It stops at 20% and keeps eating CPU cycles without any progress. It must be killed from the Task Manager. I probably tried to run it >10 times. Redownload, reinstall, etc.


I've been a DirecTV customer from almost day 1 when you had to buy all your equipment. I have no major complaints. They have always been helpful. They have provided several routes to solve problems and I have used many of them. The phone reps are always helpful and friendly. You do have to make sure the sales people don't talk you into something you don't want but their job is to sell you things. I once got 2 free SD receivers I didn't want and had to return them but that wasn't a problem and they supplied the shipping box. They really want me off the old equipment because they just gave me a Genie with 3 clients for just the installation fee ($50 and 2 year contract). It will be installed this Sunday.


Everyone wants something for free and it would be nice if it didn't cost so much every month but you can say that about most things especially cell phones. I do not have a cable alternative where I live and I am happy with DirecTV.

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