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Re: What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere

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What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere


  1. What you’ll get with DIRECTV Everywhere
    As the name suggests, DIRECTV Everywhere means you can stream your favorite movies and shows on just about any compatible Internet-connected mobile device you own, anywhere you go*. This includes the latest blockbusters and hottest shows On Demand, shows recorded on your DVR Playlist (with the GenieGo), and even LIVE TV channels. *Must currently be in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. Click here to get started! You will find more information below!

  2. What you’ll need for DIRECTV Everywhere
    DIRECTV Everywhere doesn't require a subscription and is at no extra charge to all DIRECTV customers. As long as you have the channel in your DIRECTV package you will have the channel on DIRECTV Everywhere.
    Go here for more information on How to watch movies and shows on any device.
    • In-Home Streaming
      1. Need satellite connection and DIRECTV online account
      2. Must have a DIRECTV HD DVR that is connected to the internet
      3. Must be connected to the same router as your HD DVR
      4. Must download the DIRECTV app if streaming using your phone/tablet
      5. Stream on up to 3 devices at the same time on one account
        Available channels on In-Home streaming
    • Out-of-Home Streaming
      1. Need DIRECTV online account
      2. Must download the DIRECTV app if streaming using your phone/tablet
      3. Must be connected to internet or using your phones LTE connection
      4. Stream on up to 3 devices at the same time on one account
        Available channels on Out-of-Home streaming

    • Video On Demand
      1. Need DIRECTV online account.
      2. Must download the DIRECTV app if streaming using your phone/tablet
      3. Must be connected to internet or using your phones LTE connection.
      4. Stream on up to 5 devices at the same time on one account


  1. What you’ll need to Troubleshoot
    If you are viewing a red dot, or are having issues connection your DVR to the internet, go through the following steps:
    • Go to the Menu on the upper-left corner of the app and tap Setting.
      1. For the tablet, go to Receiver Control
      2. For mobile device, go to Manual Recordings, then Receiver
    • The app will pull a list of receivers listed in your account. If the receiver does not appear in list, or there is a red dot:
      1. Make sure you have an eligible receiver (internet connecting) on your account
      2. Log in on DIRECTV.com, go to my account > Account Overview > My Equipment and verify the receiver.
      3. Reconfigure your router (factory reset) and Uninstall/reinstall your app. Then sync the receiver and your device back to the same internet connection
    • More information about issues connecting your receiver to the internet.
    • More info on Troubleshooting the DIRECTV Everywhere features.



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Re: What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere

@bearsfan3661 Yes, you need to change the password.

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Re: What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere

I would really like to use the app for my kids, but I do NOT want them having my "one and only ID and pwd" .... DTV - you need to set somethign up to allow for the creation of another ID/PWD that can access my information.  Time Warner Cable has this - the ability to add additional ID's to your account.  Really disappointed when I started playing with this - luckily my kids don't know they can use their tablets to watch DTV yet .....

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Re: What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere

@daddygooseof8 there is really not much they can change.  You can put a password for PPV

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Re: What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere

I am unable to stream TV to my desktop PC (Win 7 64 bit) from the DirecTV.com website anymore.  This used to work, on multiple browsers, but as of the most recent update (a week or two ago now) it tells me that I have to install the DirecTV player even though it's already been installed.  Funny thing is I can still stream ESPN's channel off the DirecTV.com site, perhaps it uses a different player than the other channels?


But with other channels I always get the instruction to download and install the DirecTV player, and it never recognizes that the player has already been installed.  Despite trying all the suggestions to delete browser cache, install it onto a different browser, uninstall/reinstall the player etc.


I know it's not an issue with my account or with my broadband as I can stream from the sites of individual channels (HBOgo.com, FoxSportsGo.com, CNN.com, MSNBC.com, ESPN.com etc.) logging with the rights from my DirecTV account.


A couple of lengthy sessions with tech support did not yield any help aside from an eventual acknowledgment that the problem was on the DirecTV end.


I would appreciate to be notified when the problem is addressed as it is time consuming to clear cache, restart the browser, reboot my machine etc.

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Directv on my phone

But now its telling me to go to a website that I have to upgrade it when I go there I downloaded it already but its not coming up it sends me back to that same website
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Re: Directv on my phone

I've helped my boss with his since they did the streaming and it's been horrible. Suddenly without any notice after his upgrade he had to have a receiver 54 instead of a 44?!?! Then tells him it's going to cost $200 for that upgrade. My Huawei honor 5x connects to it but I'm always in the same city and I'm on cricket wireless. His iphone 7 won't connect and he's on AT&T bundled with his directv!! They keep saying it's his phone but AT&T won't help because Apple wants to handle their own problems but really don't. They keep delaying any replacement. I miss directv before they combined with AT&T. Now it's all just over priced worthless junk. 

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ACE - Expert

Re: Directv on my phone

Does not make sense. Mobile DVR works with either the HR44 or the HR54. What happens when he tries to connect, when the phone is on his home network?

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Re: What to know about DIRECTV Everywhere

Yes I recently opened a Directv satellite account along with a mobility box . I also have an att prepaid  iPhone . My question is if I watch Directv from the app on my prepaid phone will it still be data free ???   Directv says data free on any device as long as you use the DTv app. But since my prepaid cell doesn’t have anything to do with my post paid account I just want to verify the rules of streaming to my phone   Thanks 

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