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What is this device??


What is this device??

My home wireless network is a linksys router on a broadband connection


I am not a directTV subscriber. I am here to find out what is on my network and why. I hope its okay to ask.


When I view my network on any of my computers, vista, win 7, and XP I can see each of them on the network, and I am also seeing two devices that are  named "DIRECTV Mediashare Renderer"   Both have a MAC address and are assigned an IP address. I can ping those devices, but they are NOT mine


I also see a device named "DIRECTV2PC Media Server" There are a lot of direct TV sat elites in the neighborhood, but I have no idea how anyone can be on my network. It is as secure as I can make it.



tried new passwords on the wireless network, no change. When I shut off the wireless, the devices go away.


I tend to think someone has gotten into my network, but I have changed the passwords and the encryption methods repeatedly to no avail.


What in the heck is DIRECTV Mediashare Renderer, why does it exist on a PC? and can anyone make a SWAG as to what they are doing there.


IF I knew what these devices did I might get an idea how to learn why they are on my network.


The media server has the same IP address as one of the media share renderer devices.


Help? Anyone care to enlighten me?


If had DirectTV why would such devices appear on my home network? and if someone is using my network, what would they be gaining by piggy backing my stuff?


I hope someone can help me


Thanks for your time and your help,



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Re: What is this device??

Directv customers with HD DVR's can connect their DVR's to their home network.  As part of their service, they can download Directv2PC software.  When all of this occurs, the servers and renderers will be created on their networked computers.


If you've never had Directv service then someone in your neighborhood is sharing a network connection with you.  I would look at my own network and assure that my SSID was a unique identifier so no one could accidentally think it was theirs.  I would also check to make sure I wasn't on someone else's network.

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