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Weather Radar App?


Weather Radar App?

Is there ever going to be another weather radar app?  That was our favorite!

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Re: Weather Radar App?

There is a radar weather feature in the Active channel under the Extras menu.  Not an App per se but at least something.

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Re: Weather Radar App?

The Active radar is inaccurate at times, showing odd data.  I'm asking about a TV App (push Right Arrow) that shows current weather radar, in motion as a loop would be a bonus. 

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Re: Weather Radar App?

Just a note, DTV does not monitor these forums.  If you want to have DTV see your request/comment you need to email them.


The TVApps are mostly third party apps.  Unfortunately the person that wrote and supported the weather radar TVapp had issues with DTV and he had it removed.  So until someone gets the energy or figures a way to make money off it we won't be seeing one.


I did like the TVapp radar better than the Active one.  I got a Roku box last year and found that there are several very nice weather radar channels available on it so I don't miss the TVapp radar much.

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Re: Weather Radar App?

I too think it would be nice to get a TVapp back for radar, but similarly I have a WDTV live box which has a weather app on it, so does my blu ray player. However I usually just pick up my nexus tablet and look at that.

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