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TV Apps not working??????


TV Apps not working??????

I have never been able to get this to work.   I try and bring it up and it says it will load in a few minutes.    Then it tells me it can't load.  

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

What model receiver is this and how is it connected to the internet?  An internet connection is necessary for tv apps to work.

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

genie HR44 and wired internet.   i can get youtube, pandora, etc, etc...........

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

Don't know why I even bother to try and see if the TV Apps is up and running, but I keep trying almost every day.

Last month I think it actually worked for 2 days in a row, WOW.

Calling for tech support and I was told that they were unaware of this problem.

I was also told to, guess what?


Today I got almost halfway there, the Apps menu appeared but none of the apps did anything when I selected them.

DirecTV should stop advertising something that does not work until they fix it.

I have been with DirecTV for almost 2 years now and for the first year the Apps always worked and had many more features then are now offered when it does work.

Is there a way for me to roll back the software I am using?

If DirecTV didn't monopolize NFL Sunday ticket I would would be long gone.

"Please try again later. (1)" should be changed to please try again next week or next month.

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

They sent you a tech ? We tried to get a tech for our issue, highly resisted.

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

I just got direct TV on Wednesday and I hate it!  Nothing works and all their employees lie to you!  I will never have this again!  I should have stayed with Charter!!!!!!!

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

What does not work?

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

I can't get the apps to work. I don't have Pandora or you tube and no on - demand

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

What model of receiver do you have. look for the model number inside the access card door..

Press the DASH key on your remote control, does the pop up message indicates "Internet: CONNECTED"?

How are you connecting your DirecTV® receivers to the internet?

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

BINGO, the magic word here is Internet.

When I had my install done almost 2 years ago I had the same issue, No apps, Pandora, YouTube or on-demand.

After a while of trying to figure out what was wrong I finally called DIRECTV.

That's when I was told I needed the DIRECTV Cinema Connection Kit to connect my receiver to the internet.

Why was this never mentioned before making me go crazy trying to figure out what was wrong?

One would think that this would be done automatically during the initial install, or at least brought up during the install.

For the people without an Internet connection, you cannot read this Smiley Wink and have paid for something you cannot get.

So I had to order the Cinema Connection Kit and install it myself to avoid the additional service call charge.

I am sure there was an * leading to some fine print that disclosed this info somewhere in the contract I signed.

Why do companies have to do this?

Do we have to pull out a magnifying glass every time we sign up for something?

Do I like DIRECTV?

YES, very much so.

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Re: TV Apps not working??????

I do have internet connection! Thanks for telling me how to check!

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