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Scoreguide. Old vs. New

Scoreguide. Old vs. New

I notice that sometimes the old style of scoreguide comes up, and sometimes the new one.  I much prefer the old one for several reasons - more readable, more reliable and up to date information.  Is there a setting to make the old style always appear when using either the red button or the app page?

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Re: Scoreguide. Old vs. New

What model DVR do you have?

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Re: Scoreguide. Old vs. New

Have 3 in whole house config. HR23-700, HR24-500, HR24-700

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Subject: Re: - Scoreguide. Old vs. New

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Scoreguide. Old vs. New

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What model DVR do you have?

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Re: Scoreguide. Old vs. New

I also prefer the old version of Scoreguide. I finally found out that if you don't have the internet connected, you get the old version of Scoreguide. I guess the down side of that would be that you don't get apps and only get Scoreguide when you're on a sports channel. But I dislike the new Scoreguide so much that I don't care. If you do decide to disconnect your internet there may be occasions where you press the red button when on a sports channel and still don't get the Scoreguide. I've found that if you: press info, press select, choose watch now; Scoreguide will now work. Hope this helps.

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