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Pandora pop up artist information


Pandora pop up artist information

When I opt to listen to Pandora while watching video every time a new song begins a pop up appears displaying the name of the artist, song, etc and remains on the screen for a minute or so unless I hit "Exit".  This is annoying me.  Is there a way to hide or turn off this feature of Pandora?

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Re: Pandora pop up artist information

While you find this annoying, most folks like this feature.  there is no way to turn it off

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Re: Pandora pop up artist information

Hi Robel,

I also find this feature annoying.  And insulting.  If someone wants song information they can always just hit the info button.  I use to love to play Pandora on my TV, with good speakers, while watching sports.  Now I'm back to using my computer, which has average  speakers at best, for listening to music while watching TV.  The insulting part is how this happens, and how it plays out.  Somebody in the apps division of Directv decides they need to keep busy to impress the higher ups so they decide to change something that nobody is complaining about and is working great as is.  The higher ups go along with it, and we're stuck with it.  And if we complain we just get the "sorry, but most people love it" response since to change back or offer a way to disable the feature would require the people behind it to admit they made a mistake.   So, because someone is too weak a person to be able to admit they made a mistake, we suffer. 

Sorry about the preaching, but I work with computers at a school and see this all the time.  Some software people decide to "upgrade" their program and I get to spend the next three month trying to get it to work with our operating system and equipment and other software, all the time hearing teachers complaing and asking "why did they change this?  It worked fine and now I don't even know how to enter my grades anymore..."  I get paid to deall with it at work, but here I'm the one paying them to treat me this way.

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Re: Pandora pop up artist information

Hmmm...  No music info pop ups today.  My mistake.

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Re: Pandora pop up artist information

The problem across DTV is that there are very few user preferences.  I'd love to eliminate the interruption, but there is no option to do so.  Pandora probably won't be modified ever on the older receivers.  I hear that you can't even watch TV with Pandora on the new Genie.  Since I often watch news while listening to Pandora, I throw that fact back to every rep that tries to "upgrade" my HR24/500 to Genie.  No one in the software business should include a retrograde with an upgrade!

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