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Music & Pictures?


Music & Pictures?

I am able to play the music from my computer.  Some times I can access the pictures, some times I can't and some times some of the pictures saved in a folder will show on the TV and others there will not show?  I can always save my pictures from my Nikon camera to my computer, save them and see them.  It is when I try to stream them to the TV through the DirecTV DVR that I have these intermediate issues.  If there was a settings problem I would think I would never be able to see the pictures.  This is driving me nuts and DirecTV Technical Help has been no help.  They just say they don't know.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

The feature you are using is called Mediashare and is accessed via the Extras menu on the DVR, right?  That feature seeks your pictures, music and video in the folders that Windows creates by default in your computer.  The feature can handle JPG, MP3 and MPG2 formats.  If you wish to place your data in other locations, such as custom folders or external drives, thumb drives etc. and you'd like to be able to handle additional formats, you'll need a 3rd part software.  Here's the blurb on the one I use.

You might want to try a 3rd party software called TVersity.  It takes the place of Windows Media Player as the server.  The current version doesn’t work properly so I run version 1_7_4_1 and simply click “okay” if offered the update.  In addition I run the CCCP codec pack (not Insurgent) and refuse the TVersity codec version if offered.  One nice thing about TVersity is the Library tab where you can tell the program where to look for your files.  Another advantage is that the program will trans-code on the fly several file types to ones the Media Share program can play.  Note that you choose the “folder” option when selecting files to play.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

Thanks for this. I am by no means a techie and frankly I did not understand most of your explanation. I don’t understand why the pictures function works some times and other times it does not. I really don’t understand why some pictures in a folder come through on my TV while other pictures I can see in that same folder on my computer do not come through on my TV. Do you think this program taking the place of Media Share would fix that? Is it easy to install and use?

Thank you.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

Are some of your pictures a different file type?  I don't know why some would display and others don't, but obviously there must be some difference between those that display and those that don't.  I run the TVersity software and like it, but whether you will or not I don't know.  It is free and benign, so you could always uninstall it.

I'd be happy to expand my prior post if you'd tell me what you don't understand.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

Thanks for your help. I have Nikon camera that I take my pictures with. I then download them to my computer. The file type is always the same I have checked. The only variation I see is the pictures are a different file size depending on the picture. The ones that don’t come through are not always larger or smaller than the ones that do so I see no difference there.

What I did not understand from your previous post is the comment about CCCP Codec? So with the TVsersity software do you use it as your default player or just for pictures? I also stream music to the TV from my ITunes library and that works fine.

Thanks again.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

You said TVersity software is free? I looked at their site and it says you have to purchase a license which is $15. to download the software. Is that right? If it works I will gladly pay the $15. if I have to.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

The link to the CCP codec is included in my prior post.  You use TVersity as much or as little as you like.

The free version is linked in my prior post.  You need to read the entire thread if you intend following the conversation.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

The link to the CCP codec is included in my prior post.  You use TVersity as much or as little as you like.The free version is linked in my prior post.  You need to read the entire thread if you intend following the conversation.

C'mon Son! You did not answer his original question and instead suggested a third party software, and then ended with an insult. That is not constructive. Were you having the same issue? Did you diagnose it or just start installing software to fix it?

I too have the same problem as the original poster. I, as was he, am attempting to figure out what the problem was between the PC and DVR, and if it could be fixed by doing something different on the PC besides following the directions. Or, if it is a known problem with the DVR.

As the original poster said and as with mine, sometimes the pictures come through and sometimes not. Last night only a few in the folder showed up and today none. I suspect in my case it may be an issue with band with and the locations of all my devices since that room's DVR occasionally says it can't find a network, and also a few channels on the Roku fail or are slow to connect on an as often as not basis. I will test soon.

I was hoping to find advice from the forum from those who have correctly diagnosed it and then fixed it without the software band aid.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

Here is the current status of my issues with DirecTV Media Share using the Photos and Music App.  Pictures are now streaming.  I discovered if I open the Microsoft Media Player and let it update BEFORE I attempt to stream pictures from my computer it works.  It works both with my Genie DVR in my Media Room and with my HD DVR in my bedroom.

I am still having an issue with streaming music.  This problem started when I upgraded the DVR in my Media Room from a HD DVR to the Genie.  Before I did that music played fine.  Now when I stream music from my computer to the Genie when it plays it sounds like a 78 speed record being played at 33 1/3 speed.  When I stream music to my HD DVR in my bedroom it plays correctly.  Since I had no problems prior to getting the Genie logically it has to be the Genie.  I have reported this to DirecTV several times.  They tell me they have escalated my issue to their Engineering Dept. for a fix but of course no date for the fix.  I can send you a copy of the email from DirecTV if you desire.

I hope this is of help.

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Re: Music & Pictures?

Please re read my original response to you.  The current for sale version of TVersity does not work properly but the link I provided will supply you with an older (free) version of the software that will work.  I do not know why some of your photos will display while others won't but as I said before you can try this software and if you don't lik

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Re: Music & Pictures?

Mr. Barvic;

Directv's Media Share Uses A Certain Format For A Certain File Type.

If The Video You're Trying To Play Is The Right File Type, But Too High of Resolution or Bit Rate, Media Share Messes Up.

If The Picture You're Trying To Play Is The Right File Type, But Too High or Too Low of Resolution, Media Share Messes Up.

If The Music You're Trying To Play Is The Right File Type, But Too High or Too Low of Resolution, Media Share Messes Up.

I Use 3 Free Programs That Will Make Your Directv Receiver See All Formats, File Types, Resolutions, Bit Rates.

Install The Latest Version of JAVA.

Install The Latest Version of VLC.

Install The Latest Version of Universal Media Server.

All of These Programs Are Windows, Mac, Linux Compatible.

All of These Programs Work Together. The Universal Media Server Transcodes All of Your Media to Directv's Standards.

And Most Importantly It Leaves Your Files As it is on Your Computer. You Will Still Have The Original File.

And Best of All it's FREE.

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