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Media Share can't see one computer???


Media Share can't see one computer???

I'll try to describe my problem as simple as I can.. I wanted to include a diagram but couldn't insert an image..  On my Home Network, I have 3 computers (Computer 1 / Vista), (Computer 2 / Vista) and (Computer 3 / Win 7)... All three computers can share files, pictures and media among each other with no problems.. I have 3 HD Receivers all connected (wired connection) to the same Home Network.. All 3 HD receivers can see and access Media Files on Computers 1 and 3 but don't even recognize that computer 2 exists. As far as I can tell, since I am using the same security system and all 3 computers can share data, my settings are all correct BUT..why can't any of the HD receivers see computer 2?  .

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Re: Media Share can't see one computer???

Check the configuration of Windows Media Player on computer #2.  During the earlier versions of Windows (including Vista) it was necessary to configure WMP to share.  Once that is done, temporarily disable your computers firewall and virus program then with that computer running, do a red button reset of each HD receiver/DVR.  That will help the receivers to configure to share with the computer.

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