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I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu


I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu at all.  (only 7 items in Extras:.Messages, Active, TVApps, CallerID, YouTube, Pandora, Showroom).   I know this worked at one point, but now, nothing.  The Windows 7 PC is on, all the cables are connected correctly, and the Genie can see and use the internet just fine.  (Genie Ethernet cable to my router, PC uses wireless to the router, DSL Modem to the router.)    I can play YouTube through the Extras menu and download OnDemand without a problem.

The Music and Pictures folders and Libraries are shared all the way.

This is a HR34/700 Genie.  The computer can see all the elements of the DirecTV hardware on the network: 

1) DirecTV Mediashare Renderer

2)  DIRECTV2PC Media Server

3) NDS PCShow Application

4) Pace Access Point

(I'm not certain the last two are part of DirecTV, but the first two imply to me that the hardware is in place and the PC can interface with the Genie just fine and see its components.)

What do I need to do to get MediaShare to show up on my Extras menu and then work?

I've rebooted things, restarted Genie, turned off the firewall; all those simple types of things have been attempted with no results.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

One last piece:  One DirecTV person said that the color of the lights on the Ethernet on the back of the Genie were bad.  I have an orange light and a irregularly slowly flashing yellow light.  She said there should be a steady green if MediaShare was working.

Not sure if that's significant, but there you go.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

First thing to try is to make sure the computer is up and running and temporarily disable the computer's firewall.  Assure that the router does not have a firewall running, and if it does disable it.  Then, do a red button (inside card door) reset of the HR34.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

I've done all that.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

I've now been on the phone with a total of SEVEN different support people, a service call to the house, and even received an e-mail response from one of the Issue Resolution Specialists.  Nobody has come up with anything useful until (MAYBE) the last phone guy.  The e-mail guy just had me select various network settings on my Windows7 PC that were already set that way to begin with, and rerun the Network Setup on the Genie.  Big deal..

The directions at the webpage to 'Set up your PC' are HORRIBLE.  I believe they were prepared for a Windows98 machine or for WindowsXP at the latest. There is nothing like what they describe on a Windows7 PC, starting from the first instruction.  And the way they are written makes it impossible to tell what they heck you are trying to achieve, anyway.  It's a little like telling someone directions to your house like this: "Take a left, then two rights, then left, go straight, left, bear right, two more rights, then hard left.  You're there!"

The last phone guy is convinced that the fact that I have my Genie hard-wired (via an Ethernet cable) to my wireless router/Internet (through their DCA box) is the problem and I need their Cinema Connection Kit-Wireless to connect the Genie to the router/Internet.  Even though that's exactly what the service call guy did when he came out (added the DCA box to the hard-wired connection.)  So phone support guy is sending me the CCK-W free and we'll see if that makes any difference.  I'm putting the odds at about 50/50 that this actually fixes my lack of 'Music and Photos' on my Extras menu.  Who know, anything is possible, but it isn't like I ever had a problem connecting to the Internet with the wired connection.

I still think there's some software missing on my Genie.  I'll let you know after I get the CCK-W running.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

One thing, that I don't see you may have done, is check out the Windows Media Player is set for media sharing. You MUST have that setup as well, to get media sharing too. My setup is with Windows 8.1, with WMP shared, through a netgear router, hard wired to my HR23/700, and HR44 Genie, wireless. At times, I lose the Music and Pictures, and I do a red button reboot, along with rebooting my pc, which after that it's all back.  :smileycool:

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

WMP is already set for full media sharing.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

Well, it turns out if you want to do something right, DO IT YOURSELF!  After another 75 minutes phone call (the NINTH person I talked to) with the Express Resolution Support desk (where you call them with your case number), we managed to get the Wireless CCK-W kit installed and running. That part was actually easy.   Of course, this had no impact on whether "Music & Photos" is on my Extras menu; it didn't change anything.  He tried to go through the directions at for 'Set up your PC', and agreed with me that those have nothing to do with Windows 7 and were probably written for WindowsXP or earlier (gee, you think we need instructions for an OBSOLETE operating system??).   We still don't even know what those instructions were trying to achieve or what they were updating or installing.

He thought he hit pay dirt when he Googled (yes, he needs Google to navigate his own website) for DirecTV2PC.  However, this is the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve; DIRECTV2PC lets you view content saved on your Genie on your PC if you're on the same network.  Big deal; and that's not what I was trying to do, anyway.

So he gave up and 'escalated' the problem.

I decided to Google their webpage myself and when entering 'directv mediashare software' the third link down is this PDF:  Of course, you can't find this through any links at

This PDF explains that I must have installed something called "The latest version of the Intel Viiv™ Media Share Software".  AND this is compatible only with CPUs AND Routers that are certified for Viiv.

Before You Begin Requirements:

Intel Viiv™ Processor Technology-based PC

(look for the Intel Viiv™ sticker on the computer).

Router (Intel Viiv™ Technology - compliant router

preferred. Look for the "Enjoy with Viiv" sticker on

the router).

Well, I found it and downloaded the Viiv thing (66MB) (from, I couldn't find it at, and it didn't work, it wouldn't install because my Intel I5 Core CPU isn't Viiv compliant. It seems to me you shouldn't offer a product that requires some very specialized hardware (PC AND Router).  Well, this is a dead end.  It isn't like my PC is ancient; I got it only three years ago, Windows 7 is the best Windows OS and the Intel I5 core is still a completely modern processor.

So..... More Googling and I find this product: TVShare.  It's a third party individual that wrote it.  He uses the codecs from the open-source VLC player for video rendering and it WORKS.  Pictures, Music, Video.  I have this running on my PC and then MAGIC occurs!! I have the Music&Photos on my Extras menu.  You ultimately have to pay $14.95 to this guy, but gladly.

A media server for Directv receivers

So... technical support gets a BIG FAT 'F' for their skills and knowledge (MOST of them tried pretty hard, but all were clueless). I easily wasted 6 hours on the phone and the installer visit, and I STILL never talked to anyone that knew anything important about their MediaShare product.  Every phone call was a black hole, starting from scratch, even though all the 'notes' were still accumulating on my case.

DirecTV has a tremendous technical product and I love using the Genie and watching TV with it. But heaven forbid you have a problem with it. I can't believe they don't have this documented: YOU NEED TO RUN some sort of media sharing software, and they NEED to give you a link to download something that can WORK.  And most importantly, ELEVEN people at DirecTV didn't know this!!  Not one of them even mentioned that I needed third party media sharing software to do this (and we're not talking about Windows Media Player, that's only needed for the codecs, etc, so it can render video, etc.)  The sharing software is in addition to Windows Media Player; it is NOT WMP.

The END.  Sheesh.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

Do you have the genie connected to your router with a ethernet cable or wireless?

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

They sent me the CCK-W free because they thought it would fix the MediaShare problem (it did not).  But we did get the Wireless to connect up and give Internet access so I'm leaving that in place.  It also simplified the wire setup behind the box; there was a weird 3-way splitter of the Coax from the dish (one goes to the 2nd Whole-Home TV) and now it only needs a 2-way split.  Also I have one less Ethernet cable snaking around the edge of my living room.

I predict it will work perfectly well using wired as well.  I'm certain the way you connect to the router has nothing to do with making MediaShare work Why would it?  If there is no media-share software RUNNING, you can't do it.  That was the ENTIRE problem.  And there is nothing at that really tells you you need such a thing, what it is and where to get it. But I'm done fooling with it because I (and I mean I) got it to work.

BTW, if the TVShare application isn't running (like when the PC goes to sleep), the Music&Photos icon goes away.  As soon as the PC wakes up, the icon is back.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

I have the Genie connected wirelessly and I'm using Windows 7 pro and Windows Media Player. Media Share works well but it took some trial and error to get it working. Also, it is beta and not 100% stable. I have crashed it several times and you probably will too. When this happens just unplug it and plug it back in.

First off make sure your Windows media player works on you PC.

On the Windows Media Player select: "STREAM".

On the drop down menu select: "Automatically allow devices to play my media"

at the bottom of the drop down menu is: "More Streaming Options" select that and make sure that everything is "Allowed" and at the bottom of this page is: "Choose Home Group and Sharing Options"  Check everything on this page and "SAVE"

It should work now. I would start by trying to play music. Then find an MP3 video file and play it.

This is how I got mine to work and as long as I don't get in a hurry and press buttons too quickly it does a very good job.

Using some of the other Media Player will allow you to play more codecs which is convenient.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

Well, that may be all well and good, but I had EVERYTHING set the way you suggest on Windows Media Player and EVERY homegroup settings option you mentioned and it never worked. 

Without the TVShare program running I never would see the Music&Photos option on the Extras menu.  That's all there is to it.

No need to 'suggest' anything else.  I got it working by installing this third-party media SHARING software (NOT a media player.)  So I'm done with DirecTV support and this forum thread.  It will be interesting to watch if they ever go to the effort to put legitimate instructions about how to make MediaShare work, including a link to download a Media Sharing software option that works.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

Just curious, exactly what are you 'unplugging and plugging back in" ?

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

I'm just cycling power by removing the power from the back of the Genie.

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Re: I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

Sheesh.  I'm not going to wait 7 minutes every time my MediaShare crashes.  It hasn't yet.

Maybe YOU need the TVShare application. LOL  ($14.95 cheap)

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