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I am trying to get Amazon Prime


I am trying to get Amazon Prime

How do I access Amazon Prime from my Genie?

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

you can't

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

To get Amazon Prime instant videos you need a Smart-TV with the widget or app, or a DVD player that has the widget or app, or Chromecast.  Not sure about Roku or others, but may be available as well.  Other than that would need to connect a PC or Laptop to your TV to watch Amazon Prime video.

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

I just bought the Amazon Fire TV Stick for the sole use of Amazon Prime on my tv.

I first connected it to an HDMI input on the tv, worked fine.

Then I tried it connected to my A/V receiver. Works fine that way also. Results when connected to an A/V receiver seem to vary. It works with my Yamaha. A poster on the DBS talk forum couldn't get it to work with his Denon receiver.

So far, the device is terrific. Prime works great. I'm also trying Netflix's 30 day free trial, and it also works, as does Crackle.

I bought mine at Best Buy last week for $25 on sale; regular price is $39.

Highly recommended.

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

They're all good, I prefer the Roku stick which has more content but most people would be happy with either.

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

Agreed. I chose the Fire TV stick due to tech specs. It's a brand new device, so not as much content as the others yet, but it will come.

They're all fun gadgets.

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

I have the roku 3 box, bought it in the spring, before the roku stick came out. That has just tons of stuff on it amazon prime and netflix.

I have apple tv in the MB but no amazon on that. They all have there ups and downs so they all are fine depending on your needs.

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Re: I am trying to get Amazon Prime

Yep. I think it's a matter comparing the specs of the devices one is interested in, and going with the one that has the features wanted. Buy from a trusted seller with a good return policy and try it. If it doesn't work out for some reason, return it. I usually buy from Amazon as they are excellent with returns. In the 15+ years I've been buying from Amazon, I've only had to return something twice. because of defects in the products. I'm also careful about what I buy so as not to be returning things constantly. In other words I don't abuse Amazon's return policy.

Anyway, as you posted, they do all have their ups and downs. Fortunately for me, the Fire stick has so far met my needs.

Lots of fun.

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