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Harrassing Calls from 877-488-1814


Harrassing Calls from 877-488-1814

Is anyone else on the forum getting one way calls from 877-488-1814?

I get one to three Robocalls a day from this number and others do too based on a Google search.  The number appears to belong to Directv, and when I answer there is no response, even after waiting a bit since I assume a telemarketing type call system.

I don't know, or care if this is a Telco one way trunk issue, or an equipment issue, I just want it to stop!

I am on a DO NOT CALL list and have of course sent emails to Customer care with them only offering to put me on a DO NOT CALL, nor do they appear to understand that there appears to be a technical issue, or they are using the worlds worst telemarketing system!

My account is all up to date. Next step is to use one of the pit bull sleaze law firms that love these cases.

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Re: Harrassing Calls from 877-488-1814

This is a user to user forum, you need to email DTV directly.

There is also Caller ID spoofing software that maybe using that phone number.  You may need to contact your phone company.

I just read one of the posts from a Google search saying that this is a attempt from someone pretending to be DTV to get you to call back and get your info to get access to your bank account(s).

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Re: Harrassing Calls from 877-488-1814

I do realize this is more of a technical forum, but I have of course tried going  to Directv customer care with no resolution.  My intent was to check with other users.

If the originator of the call (Directv?) would ever respond when I answer the call then I might suspect some form of fraud, but there has never been any dialogue, however they are not terminating the call, I just keep saying hello and I finally terminate. It is harassment, not a sales pitch, at least none ever heard.

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Re: Harrassing Calls from 877-488-1814

You can try to call directv, they can update your privacy settings and put you on the do not contact at all list for any promotional offers and phone calls. & they won't call you. Then if you are still getting the phone calls, it's most likely not directly from DIRECTV, it could be from a retailer.. im not sure, but goodluck with that!

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