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HBO GO won't install on Android Jellybean 4.3


HBO GO won't install on Android Jellybean 4.3

I recently bought the new (2013 version) Nexus 7 tablet, which comes with Jellybean 4.3, the newest Android operating system. When I go to the Google Play store to download the HBO GO app, it says "this app is incompatible with your device". I had it installed on my older (2012) Nexus 7 tablet, but that tablet was recently upgraded over-the-air to version 4.3. Now it also shows it is incompatible with HBO GO. Does anyone know if an upgrade is in the works, or if there is a way to install?

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Re: HBO GO won't install on Android Jellybean 4.3

Directv unfortunately does not have support yet for HBO Go on any Android devices besides Android phones. While we they are working on the software, it has not been released, nor is their a firm release date. Some customers have been able to work, but there is no official support for it.

The only tablets that are supported at this time are the Ipad and Kindle Fire. Android phones are supported fully, with the exception of  these devices; Motorola: Flipout, CLIQ XT, Droid, CLIQ, Backflip, LG Ally, HTC: MyTouch 3G, Droid Eris, Hero, T-Mobile G1.

One thing to keep in mind is that DirecTV does not offer support for Jailbroken Apple devices or Rooted Android phones, if rooting was an option you wanted to try.

Perhaps another use could help with downgrading your OS to the previous version, I have never had to do that, and here at work I will not be able to utilize Google to help you out much there!

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