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Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!


Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

I have tried for nearly 2 months to resolve this error code on my IPad, with absolutely no help from DirecTv Customer Service reps.  This error code is related to registering your device on the DirecTv App (for IPad).  It would constantly say “cannot register...try again later” or something like that and give me error code 100.  Even though my receiver was connected to the internet and verified multiple times, it simply wouldn’t show connected in the App.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the App at least a dozen different times but it did not fix the problem.  When I went into settings on the IPad App and tap on Receiver, it would show a red “light” inidicating the receiver had no internet connection even though my Receiver showed it was connected.

Well, I finally figured out the fix:  Even if your Receiver box shows connected to the internet, go through the steps of manually setting up the internet connection (again).  By manually entering my home Network Name and Network password, the internet connection was re-established and verified.  Then I got on my IPad... checked my Settings, the Receiver option, and lo and behold I have a green light now!!  I was able to complete the registration process for my device, did not get error code 100.   I now have all my channels and access to my DVR recordings.   

In thinking back, I remember there was a day where I kept losing my internet service from my local provider (Windstream).  Well, apparently it jacked-up the DirecTv App.  No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling the App would fix the problem.  I had to manually re-establish the internet connection on the Receiver box.  I don’t know if this is the solution for everyone getting that same error code, but it worked for me.   It’s day 3 now and all is (still) working great!!  

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‎01-05-2018 6:30 AM

Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Hi @shystice,


Thanks for posting the fix. I will be adding it to our App Troubleshooting Hub. If anyone else is having trouble or seeing the same error, check out the fix above!


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Did not work for me.  Under receiver control it shows my receiver and has a green dot.  When I try to setup for mobile DVR, I keep getting error code 100.

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Did not work for me, either.


The DVR portion of "Mobile DVR" no longer shows up in the Genie HR44 Settings > More Info page.


It used to be near the bottom, now it has simply disappeared.

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Hello AT&T are you listening? In the iOS app it finds my receiver and I have a green dot. When I click on DVD Acess>System Info it shows I’m connected to my WiFi network and connected to ports 8023/8023. When I click on register this ipad I keep getting the error "We couldn’t activate your DVR for downloading & Streaming. Please try again (100). When I connect my receiver to Ethernet and not WiFi I get the same error code.

I tried the suggestion above from shystice and NO LUCK.

This is issue all started when I got a new receiver and upgraded to wireless genies.

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Did not work for me. 

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Me too! Does ATT have an answer yet that actually works? I have been on the phone with Directv for over 2 hours and still no answer. Ugh!!!! 

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

This tip did not work for me either!

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Does anyone from ATT personally reply to our concerns?

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

I am also frustrated.this had been working. I manually reset the internet connection but still not working. Still getting same code on both iPad and iPhone. Spent over an hour on phone and now my ticket has been escalated. What is the deal? Can we get some resolution, please.

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

  1. Once the receiver is back on video after resetting DVR, press the right arrow on the receiver remote to reinitiate the connection to TV apps.
  2. Press List on the remote control and select Recently Watched On Demand.
    • If the DIRECTV app still does not register, uninstall and reinstall it.
    • If issue is unresolved, AT&T is aware of the issue and working toward resolution.
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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

 "If issue is unresolved, AT&T is aware of the issue and working toward resolution."  -- ha, god that makes me laugh.  I'm one of the very first to have bought the original DirecTV nomad, the thing that customer support literally told me I should throw into the trash.  The software was horrible then, and to my dismay, it's still horrible, all it got was a new name "Genie", as in you wish it would work. 


Got all new equipment yesterday, set up perfectly by their technician, got both my iPad connected.  This morning both iPad said they had to re-register, and of course failed with a (100) message or I wouldn't be here now.   


Listen, when I leave DirecTV, and that is a foregone conclusion, it will be for no reason other than their inability to provided quality software that works consistently.  

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

Problem happened to me again. I called to customer service, they absolutely knew nothing about the problem, or the code that I was getting. I believe it is something that they know about and are not saying. . . While on hold with customer service, I tried to connect both devices and it went through, only after I told them to read the notes of the last time I called about the same problem. Coincidence. . . I think not.

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

I've spent hours in recent weeks both talking on the phone with techs and tech supervisors as well as having so called 'experts' in my living rooming trying to register my ipad and iphone.  NONE, I repeat NONE of these people claimed to know ANYTHING about this issue of being unable to register a device.  The end of my latest phone call today resulted in my case being "bumped up" to another level.  This after today's tech supervisor told me he had talked to a bunch of people today, up the food chain, and none of them were aware of any cases like mine.


So I decided to google it and found this forum.  Should have done this before.  At least then I could have "called bulls**t" on the person I spoke with instead of now feeling like I just got another snow job.  He could have just said 'hey we're getting many complaints just like yours; we're working hard to fix the issues; sorry".   But no, we get the all too often  snow job!!  And that's what really pis*es me off.  


I won't mention my last tech's name but I'm now guessing that he's reading this forum like all the others at Directv who are working on this issue.  He said he'll stay in touch and phone me back with info as he gets it so maybe he'll drop the snow job next time.


I'm done.  Thanks for listening.  

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Re: Error Code 100, Ipad, FIXED!!!

DTV app / setup is SOOOO much harder than it should be.


Here's the basic sequence, for what it's worth:


1.  Make sure the DVR is internet connected, and that "Mobile DVR" is running in Menu > Settings > System Test > More settings and Info.  Then, restart your DVR, and wait about 10 minutes AFTER it's back up before trying to register your device.


2.  While you're waiting for the DVR to reboot, delete the app on your phone. Reinstall.  You MUST have your DVR and phone on the SAME home network.  the phone will be on wifi, the DVR may be either on WiFi on wired, but both must be on the same router / connected to the same network.  Hint:  Check the IP address for the DVR and your phone.  The IP addresses should be the same EXCEPT for the last group of numbers, which are unique to each device.

Example: and are on the same network. and are NOT on the same network.  


3.  Now, try registering.  Make sure you're logged in correctly to the app (View on Demand should be working).

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