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Directv app when logging in says unknown error and logs you out

App will not work will not load up just says unknown error 

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Error 0651

Has any customer involving the situation of "error 0651" ever been resolved, because I am seriously considering leaving direcTV because of this. Error0651 is basically telling you that your account is not active when you log in to cellular/tablet devices.  I also cannot watch DirecTV on my computer either.   I have troubleshooted, been given the run around, and I am absolutely fed up.  DirecTV was the best prior to this AT&T merger.  I refuse to pay for services I cannot receive. 

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DIRECTV Everywhere: Mobile DVR, Website, & App Help

Can't log in to the mobile app on my IPhone. Asking for user ID and password. At first it was taking me to the AT&T Uverse app, then wrong password, now Unknown Error???

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Re: Directv app when logging in says unknown error and logs you out

Mine does the same thing.... but instead of logging out... it opens my Mobile App Store to the U-Verse app... like it's suggesting that I install the U-Verse app.

This just started happening this morning.   It was fine yesterday.


What are you doing Directv and ATT?     Just leave things alone!!!!

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DIRECTV App Inoperable

My DTV app is not working for my iPhone 7+. It was working fine yesterday but work up this morning, opened the app and it prompted me to enter my Login/PW...? After doing so, it told me an unknown error occurred and bumped me into the App Store to the Uverse app...? I closed out of that, uninstalled/reinstalled the DTV app. After entering my Login/PW combo, it took me to the home screen and displayed what was last viewed...but would not load any other content, couldn’t view live tv, exc. After closing the app and relaunching...the process repeats itself with the unknown error while bumping me to the Uverse App in the App Store. This is not a Login/PW issue, both are valid as I was able to log in to the DTV.com website. SMH...what’s next...besides switching to a new service provider?



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Direct TV app on Android phone not working

I keep getting a Network Problem error message: Please check your network connection and relaunch the app.  The problem with this is I am online and able to launch facebook and other online apps.  I tried to uninstall and upgrade the app - still same pervasive problem.  I  haven't used the app in about 12 days since I have been abroad.  My husband called and said he is experiencing the same problem on his iphone.  anyone else having the same problem or this is an isolated case? 

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Re: Directv app when logging in says unknown error and logs you out

I am having the same problem worked fine last night

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Re: Directv app when logging in says unknown error and logs you out

They decided to force switch to the Uverse app download, but our accounts aren't sync'd. Pretty irritating that this was done without prior testing, but hey... Its ATT after all. At any rate, i opened a ticket and supposedly this is a high priority and is supposed to be resolved quickly.

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Error msg

I am unable to get on the Direct TV app, it just stopped working. I have rebooted my DVR’s, my modem and I have uninstalled & reinstalled the app, twice. Now it won’t let me sign on and says an error occurred. This app has become so unreliable!

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Why is my direct tv app not working on my iphone

My direct tv app is not working as of this morning I have tried numerous times uninstalled reinstalled and it keeps taking me to uverse app and saying check error 

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Re: DIRECTV Everywhere: Mobile DVR, Website, & App Help

Same thing is going on with me too Smiley Sad 

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Re: Direct TV app on Android phone not working

My 85 year old mother uses this app all the time.  It had problems, but she was able to watch her shows.  Today, however, she gets "

Network Problem. Please check your network connection and relaunch the app  Please fix this!!!!

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Direct TV Android App

I am getting an error message that says Network Problem please check your network connection and relaunch the app.  I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled and that has not taken care of the problem.  This is the first time to recieve this message.  What do I need to do to solve the problem?  Thank you in advance for any help.

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Direct TV app taking me to U-Verse

I am unable to log on to the Direct TV app with “unknown error” and it immediately redirects to the App Store to download U-Verse.

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Re: Directv app when logging in says unknown error and logs you out

I thought this might have been part of the thing where they are working on forcing everyone to go to a Single Sign On ID.

I remember getting an email telling me that in the near future... I would have to combine my different ATT and Directv ID's into one single ID.

But then I got another email about 2 days later... saying that it was taking longer than they expected and that the switch wouldn't be happening

for a good while.

For the customer... this has been the worst Merger that I have ever been a part of.

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