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Directv account and app locked error code 10001


Directv account and app locked error code 10001

ince I bundle my Directv account with AT&T internet I lost control and access to my Directv account information. I can no longer manage my plan, access to my equipment, look at channels to program DVR or in any way to stream live channels. Every time I want to look for Directv account information through the myAT&T account, the system redirects me to the Directv webpage by opening another window asking me to log in, even do I login again (Using same access ID and Password) the page is looked showing this message: Your login is locked because you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts. Please call customer service at 1-800-531-5000 I have called Directv and AT&T customers service and neither one have been able to solve the problem. Even though I couldn't have access online, two months ago I was able to access live streaming through my cell phone app but it seems to be that is blocked, the difference is that it shows me: Error:10001 - Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later I have called customer service of AT&T and Directv and either has solved my problem., one of them try to fix it by resetting my password, but after that immediately was blocked again. I appreciate if anyone from AT&T customer service can help me solve my problem.

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