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Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

My Directv Everywhere live streaming of wifi channels (in home) does not work.

My receiver HR 24-500 is connected to the internet, as are the other 3 which are all H25-100.  I am able to see and control them using both my iPad and iPhone. They are all "green lights".   I am also able to stream wifi+ channels inside and outside of my home.  Wifi channels are unable to stream and the "Watch on iPad/iPhone" buttons are grayed out.  I am also unable to stream wifi channels on my computer using any browser - Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.  I keep receiving the message that the receiver and my device must be on the same network which they clearly are.

I, like many others, have spent hours trying to get some satisfaction for this problem.  I have called and emailed many times and have not received any help.  Is this a known issue?  Some CSRs indicate that it is, but others tell me they have never heard of such a thing.

Can anyone please help?

Thank you.


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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

I cannot tell you exactly what your problem is but basically I'd say the system does not see your playback devices are recognizing that they are on the same network as your Directv DVR.  Here is why I say that.  In a properly configured and running system, if you are "at home" and select the Wi-Fix the system will tell you that you are on the same network as your DVR and you should use the Wi-Fi option.  The fact that you can use the x option tells us that the playback device is not seeing your home network.  Something really obvious but are you positive you have the Wi-Fi enabled and 4G disabled?

Have you a desktop computer?  If so, open the Directv website and be sure you have the player installed.  Then select watch TV and open the Guide.  In the upper right corner is a Stream at Home/Stream Everywhere.  If you are at home if you select everywhere you'll see the message I described earlier.  Playing with that feature a bit may assist you in correcting your mobile device problems.

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

You are absolutely correct.  That is my problem I am trying to describe.  DTV does not recognize the home network even though it is connected to it..  My computer will not stream the wifi channels either, no matter what browser I use. 

I am positive that everything is connected by wifi to my home network.  We only have one network in our home.  Both the iPad and iPhone show that I am "in home" and that the receivers are on the home network. 

Again, no device will stream wifi channels including 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop.  Arrgghhh!

I will try any suggestions.


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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

Same problem here as I mentioned in another thread.

If your systems work over your wifi network with the wifi+ channels then there is nothing wrong with your network setup.

Waiting for a solution for over 3 months!


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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

One more VERY important detail to all of this at least for me.

This Directv app on my phone DID stream wifi channels last summer.  It was about Oct-Nov when dtv updated their app that is then stopped streaming those channels.

This tells me that there is something that changed in the app that now does not allow me to stream those same channels that did last summer.

No changes to the network.

So, I am still pointing the finger at dtv to solve this issue.

I requested they send me a version from August to see if it would work, but "oh no..can't do that".  Why?

What better way to find out at which ver. upgrade it stopped working so it could be isolated to see what they did.


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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

I think that we obviously have the same problem.  I have been struggling with it for several months as well. 

The DTV apps used to stream the wifi channels as did my computer and my laptop.  They have all stopped streaming those channels.  No changes have been made to the network.

Netflix, Amazon Instant and Hulu Plus all stream very well.  I wish we had an unupdated version of the app to try. 

I guess that we can either choose to wait for a response or to change providers.  I will keep watching your thread!

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

No resolution Here but thought I'd comment. I also have the same problem : (iPhone 4S: iOS 7 ) DirecTv App connected to same network DVR is connected.

Troubleshooting I've done:

Deleted App, reset DVR, Reset iPhone, installed App, turned off cellular data, logged out and in of Directv App,

open Safari navigate to a website then try App again,toggle airplane mode on and off,  toggled between wifi networks in my home.

I've tried this in every and any combination and it works maybe 10% of the time.

I really wished the feature worked. I know it sees the DVR because usually the iPhone live streaming option is grey (says it has to be connects to same wifi) but the

watch on TV option is always available.

I'm following your thread so if I hear anything I'll post.

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

I have absolutely no idea if this is relevant to your problem, but do you have your DVR hardwired to your network as well as connecting wirelessly? I had a similar problem with a different device and disconnecting the hard wired connection seemed to resolve whatever conflict that was causing the problem.

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

I have tried all of the same things you have except toggling between wifi networks in my home, because I only have one network.  It seems strange that you are occasionally able to get it to work.  Believe it or not, that gives me some hope!

Thanks for the reply.

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

It is connected through the coax.  However, the DVR is not hardwired straight into the router.  The DECA is.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

Did you go to your hard wired computer and study over the Guide etc. as I suggested earlier?  You never responded as to the results of the testing.

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

I will respond that I have a PC connected to my router and tried the dtv online to watch wifi or wifi+ channels, I get the same indication that I am not connected to the network and cannot stream the wifi channels.  Of course it is connected as I can stream the wifi+ channels over the network.

Tried a variety of different settings in the router to see if the wifi channels would stream...nothing worked.  Says I am not connected to the network!

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

I wondered because at the website using a computer they don't use the wifi or wifi+ nomenclature.  Made me wonder if you'd actually been there.  We can ignore me from now on, was merely looking for a way to help you find the bottleneck.  I trust you understand that it's something in you setup or account configuration as most of us do not have the problem you describe.

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

There is a wifi and wifi+ graphics on my guide in the upper right corner.

It says Stream at Home; or Stream Everywhere.  Each has a wifi or wifi+ icon next to them.

Since I can stream over the network the wifi+ I wonder what setting change would allow wifi?


(found the wireless bridge connecting to the routere was not working before when I tried it).

Still not on the smartphone however.

Ok so that does work on the PC....NOW WHY NOT THE PHONE?

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Re: Directv Everywhere Except In Home (wifi channels)

Ahhhh, great news.  I would delete the App from the phone, then do a power down reset of the phone (hold the power button) then reinstall the App.  May get a fresh look.  Ohh, be sure to switch the phone to 3/4G and WiFi at the appropriate time  as I'm not sure if your App store will be available on WiFi.

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