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Directv App not recognizing IP address


Directv App not recognizing IP address

Remote Control: RC73

HD Receiver Model: HR54/200


We got the receiver a little over a month ago, and the app has NEVER WORKED on either the iPad or our Android phones. I have done all of the usual troubleshooting: uninstalling/reinstalling, resetting the DVR, clearing cache, unplugging the wireless modem for 20 seconds and restarting it, checking the Wi-Fi connection, making sure the receiver and the iPad/Android phones were on the same Wi-Fi network, rebooting our devices, calling customer service multiple times and doing everything they told me to, entering in the IP address many, many times, etc. NOTHING works! It won't even recognize the correct IP address, which I know is correct, because I have checked and rechecked, over and over. Twice, I was told by customer service that they were escalating my ticket. That was weeks ago, and I STILL have not received any help or any email, text, or phone messages to indicate that they were even working to help me resolve the issue.


Please help!!!

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Re: Directv App not recognizing IP address

Hey @ljxson,


This is an issue affecting several customers. Our engineering team is aware and working towards a fix. Since you have already submitted an escalation you will receive an email when the issue has been fixed. However, you can still stream your favorite programs via https://soc.att.com/2CP9MBH.


Thank you for contacting the AT&T Community Forums team!


Rury, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Directv App not recognizing IP address

Respectfully, it is now EIGHT DAYS LATER, and I still have received no calls, texts, or email messages to indicate that anyone is working to resolve my problem with the app. The app is STILL UNUSABLE. I tried logging into the website to watch programs using my iPad and cell phone. Neither device allows me to watch recorded programs. What is the point of paying for a DVR, that is SUPPOSED to allow subscribers the option of watching from a mobile device, if the subscribers CANNOT WATCH RECORDED PROGRAMS ON MOBILE DEVICES? I am an EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER, WHO FEELS CHEATED AND IGNORED. 


Most companies actually try to make real efforts to work with customers, especially when the customers have been told MULTIPLE TIMES that there is an "escalated ticket". Apparently, that is NOT THE CASE with AT&T/Directv. 

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Re: Directv App not recognizing IP address

Magically, the DVR is now working. I still have not received any texts,
calls, or email messages to say this problem has been fixed; so, I am
assuming the fix was on my end. I do not know what I did to fix the
problem. I simply went through the exact same troubleshooting, that I have
done repeatedly over the last several weeks.
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Re: Directv App not recognizing IP address

Don't be discouraged. I am having the same problem on my mobile phone with registering and adding my IP address. Just think the next update could knock you off again. I don't get why they don't build off the old update. All the old code stays along with the new code or enhancements after it is added. 

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Re: Directv App not recognizing IP address

Mine has stopped working since the update/combine login of at&t and direct tv on August 14. I have been on the phone with support for several hours, spent many many hours resetting and re-installing receivers, routers, and apps and I still can’t register my mobile devices. I am frustrated beyond belief. This worked perfectly BEFORE the update! I travel and watching my shows while traveling was very valuable to me. Every time I see the direct tv ad to “take it with you” I want to throw something at the screen!!! In addition no one has ever contacted me regarding a solution, my bills however continue without a hitch. I am ready to throw in the towel and try another service. This is an awful way to treat long time customers!

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Re: Directv App not recognizing IP address

Same problem here. Haven’t been able to connect any mobile devices since August 2018.  No solutions at all.

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