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Direct tv app won’t let me log in


Direct tv app won’t let me log in

My direct tv app suddenly will not recognize my user I’d password combination on my iPhone, but works fine on my iPad. Am not sure if it’s ios 12 or att switching over all my direct tv stuff that’s messing with it. Any thoughts?

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‎10-17-2018 11:47 PM

Re: Direct tv app won’t let me log in

This is a copy/paste of solution that worked for me on both my iPad and iPhone running IOS 12. (By the way, this problem was not IOS 12 specific as it occurred on my Mini running IOS 10 as well.):


”i had mentioned previously that 24 hours ago, I changed my login password, hoping to force the authentication on iPad App. Up until now login was still unsuccessful. However, it appears that after 24 hours my new login now works. 

On my iPad's settings > TV Provider, I signed out of my DirecTv account and deleted the app. In settings, I also deleted all Password and Accounts invloving DirecTV.

i then logged in again into TV Provider settings. Redownloaded DirecTv app, manually entered login ID and password, and the app opened, authenticated and worked. Yay😄! 

I have a strong suspicion this is connected to the merger of ATT and DirecTV accounts for billing. Resetting with new password, forcing new recognition of the merged account seems to have worked.”

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