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DirecTV iPad app won't control my setup.


DirecTV iPad app won't control my setup.

I had DirecTV installed on August 2nd, 2014. I have a Genie HR44-700 in living room and two Genie Mini clients C41-700 in my master bedroom and second bedroom. The installer connected my HR44 to my wireless network during the initial install appointment. My DirecTV account reflects that my Genie server is connected to the internet, and the iPad app sees it, but does not update the Currently Watching panel ever, and rarely has commands successfully fulfilled. And the app has NEVER seen either client on my network, even when they are on and connected to the server on a tuner. I was under the impression that the iPad app could control channel changes on any 'receiver' including the clients, but have yet to be able to do so in my setup. Any help? Any quirks that make this work correctly for others?

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