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DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

My HR22/100 DVR was connected to our wifi router, and the Internet, by the DirecTV-supplied Cisco/Linksys access point.  The access point looks like a skinny miniature toaster and it may be known here as a "CCK."

I say "was connected" because our Belkin wifi router died and I replaced it with an ASUS unit.  I've been able to connect every networkable device in our home to the ASUS router (by wifi or ethernet) except the DVR.  The access point itself isn't the problem.  I connected it to the new router by WPS and I know it's working because I connected a laptop to it by ethernet, turned off the laptop's wifi radio, and got good internet through the access point.

When I did the initial setup of the new ASUS router it presented me with a 12-character alphanumeric "Security Key"  in this format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.  The alpha characters are all lower case. I wrote down and printed the "Security Key" when the router setup program presented it.

When I attempt wireless setup on my DVR it eventually asks me for the "Security Key".  I've entered the Security Key the new router gave me several times, both with and without the dashes/hyphens.  The DVR rejects all entries as "invalid."  The DVR is the only device I've tried to connect to the new router that asks for a "Security Key"; all the other devices ask for my network password or (as with the access point) require WPS setup.  That has me wondering - when the DVR asks for my "Security Key", does it really mean my wifi network password?

And why don't I just try entering my network password when the DVR asks for my "Security Key", you might well ask?  Well, it's like this.  I chose a high-security network password that includes an "&" (ampersand).  The RC65R remote for the DVR allows entry of many special characters using the "Dash" key, but the "&" is not among the characters allowed.  I would like to confirm that the "Security Key" demanded by the DVR is really the network password before I consider changing my network password and re-connecting all my other network devices.

I sent a web post to DTV tech support with my question and they told me to call 'em up.  I did.  I spent maybe 45 minutes on the line with a CSR, to no effect.  I want my 45 minutes back.

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

Your Linksys ethernet adapter must be configured first using your PC and then you move it back to the DVR and choose wired as the connection method

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

"Your Linksys ethernet adapter ...

That would be the Cisco/Linksys wireless access point?

"...must be configured first using your PC ..."

And how does one do that, considering that (a) I didn't have to do that when connecting it wirelessly to my previous router, and (b) the instruction manual that came with it says nothing about configuration with a PC, only through the DVR?

Like I said, the access point is pretty clearly working, wirelessly, with the new router. Please explain why I need to configure something that seems to be doing what it's supposed to be doing.  I tried setting up the DVR for a wired, not wireless, connection anyway.  Didn't work.

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

Before DirecTV came with its win branded CCK, DirecTV supported the configuration of the linksys via the DVR's GUI. now is no longer supported. This is why it needs to be configured externally

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

Just to clarify.  Using the wireless CCK, you first configure the CCK to your router.  Once it's configured and connected, the CCK becomes a hard wired access point.  Then, when you connect the DVR to the CCK by Ethernet cable, the DVR should be configured as if it were connected directly to the router by Ethernet cable.  The Wi-Fi setup on the DVR is not used.  And, a hard wired connection does not require any password or security codes.  Usually if you disconnect AC power from the DVR, connect the Ethernet cable then reconnect AC power, the DVR will connect to the router automatically.

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

Thanks for the additional input. What I'm reading is that I should disregard the DVR's on-screen wireless setup and connect it with a "wired" connection.  I tried it.  Setup didn't ask for my "security key", of course.  It also didn't connect as a "wired connection."  I got "Network: Connected; Internet: Not Connected (22), Result Code: 86-195." I'm puzzled why the DVR is telling me it's not getting "wired" internet from the CCK when I can connect my PC to the CCK by Ethernet cable, turn off the PC's wifi radio and get internet from the CCK.

I still don't know how I'm supposed to use a PC to configure the CCK (anyone?) but I tried connecting the CCK to my PC by an Ethernet cable.  The CCK doesn't show up as a network or local device on the PC's Windows 7 "Computer" and "Network" screens even when connected directly to the PC by Ethernet cable. With my previous, dead, router two DirecTV "devices" would show up on my PC's "Network" screen; one said something about "Renderer" and I forgot what the other one said. The CCK does show up on my new router's admin "Connected Devices" screen, briefly, when connected to the PC by Ethernet; the CCK's MAC address appears on the router's "Connected Devices" list for maybe 30-60 seconds after a refresh and is then replaced by the PC on the list.

All the lights on the CCK are on: Power and WPS steady, Ethernet flickering and Wireless blinking madly.  At the DVR end of the CCK-DVR cable, I've got a steady orange light on the left of the (upper) jack the cable is plugged into, and a blinking yellow light on the right. If it takes a green light for a happy jack, jack ain't happy.  The lights both go out if the unplug the cable from the CCK. I tried a different Ethernet cable for the CCK-DVR connection; no difference.

Any further suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

Try disconnecting AC power from the router, then plugging it back in.  Leave everything else connected.

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

I've tried restarting my new router.  For good measure, I also restarted the CCK and the DVR (I never underestimate the utility of a good reboot/restart).  Didn't do any good; exactly the same lack of internet connection after each restart.

Suggestions are always appreciated, but I have a three reasonably specific questions:

1. As noted previously, the CCK passes Internet to my PC by Ethernet; there's no doubt about that because I can turn off the PC's wifi radio and the Internet goes away when I unplug the Ethernet cable between the PC and the CCK.  So, is there any explanation for the fact that CCK is getting wireless Internet from my router, and passing it to my PC by Ethernet cable, but the DVR insists it's not getting wired Internet from the CCK?

2. When the CCK-to-DVR Ethernet cable is plugged into the (upper) Ethernet jack of the DVR, and all is connected as it should be, what lights should I see by the jack? Red, yellow or green?  Steady or flashing?

3. My CCK, Model WET610N, is four years old; my HR22/100 DVR is even older.  Are the CCK or DVR known to just be incompatible with some routers? 

Look, I don't want to be whiner, but I was able to connect my new router to two wired devices and ten wifi devices - every other network device we have - with little or no trouble.  I don't recall any particular problem connecting the DVR to our previous router via the CCK, either. I'm stumped.

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Re: DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

This reply was helpful because it shifted my focus away from wifi security (which turned out to not be the problem) to another problem area. The problem turned out to be that ol' debbil, network IP address conflict.

The details, if anyone's interested: I happened to notice, from my new ASUS router's list of connected clients, that two had the same network IP address,, the DTV HR-22 DVR and a Buffalo NAS (home media server) that is wired to the router.  The Buffalo NAS was acting very wonky and, as previously noted, the DTV DVR wasn't connecting to the internet. The new ASUS router has DHCP enabled and so that kind of IP address conflict isn't supposed to happen, right?  I told the router to manually assign a different network IP to the DVR but it wouldn't; it stayed at .136. I finally went into the "Advanced Settings" of the DVR's network setup and found that the network IP address there twas 192,168.1.136; maybe the previous router had set it to that, dunno. Anyway, I changed the DVR's network IP address in "Advanced Settings" to a different value and the new value is now assigned by the ASUS router.  Apparently the IP address present in the DVR's "Advanced Settings" overrides not only the new router's DHCP assignments, but even manual designation of a different IP address at the router end.  Might be a bug in the ASUS router firmware. In any event, the DVR (via the CCK) is now happily connecting to my network and the internet, like it's supposed to. The Buffalo NAS is happy, too, now that it has an IP address all to itself. Thanks.

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