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DIRECTV & Alexa – Control Your DIRECTV Experience With Your Voice!

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DIRECTV & Alexa – Control Your DIRECTV Experience With Your Voice!


Alexa_DTC.pngHome automation is slowly becoming the norm. Knowing that, we have decided to dive in and give our members a more effortless experience when using the DIRECTV satellite product. Did you lose your remote, or did the batteries run out? No problem. You can use your Amazon Alexa enabled device such as the Echo, Dot, or Tap to do things liked:

  • Change a channel
  • Record a show
  • Find your favorite content
  • Rewind, Forward, Pause content

If you have a compatible Amazon device and DIRECTV satellite service with an Internet-connected Genie device, you are moments from setting up this amazing feature!


Want to take advantage of this cool feature! Order an Alexa Device and DIRECTV today!


Access your Alexa account

Sign in to the Alexa portal or download the Alexa app. 

You can get the app on Android (version 4.4 or higher), iOS (version 8.0 and higher), and Fire OS (version 2.0 or higher). Find it in Google Play, the Apple app store, or the Amazon app store.



Set up the Alexa skill for DIRECTV

  1. Make sure your Alexa device and DIRECTV device are connected to the Internet by pressing the right arrow twice on your DIRECTV remote. If the DIRECTV interactive TV app list appears, you’re connected.
  2. Go to the Alexa app or the Alexa website.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • In the Alexa app, tap the Menu icon, then Music, Video, & Books, and then DIRECTV.
    • On the Alexa site, choose Music, Video, & Books, then DIRECTV.
    • In either the Alexa app or on the Alexa site, select Skills, then Search, and then enter DIRECTV to find the skill.
  4. Choose Enable Skill and follow the prompts. If you have multiple accounts, select DIRECTV.
  5. Select Finish Setup and let Alexa find your nearby DIRECTV device(s). This can take up to 20 seconds.
  6. Pick the DIRECTV device you want to set up. Find out which DIRECTV device you have.
  7. Choose 1 or more Alexa devices to use with the selected DIRECTV device.
  8. Select Set up a DIRECTV Device to connect another DIRECTV device to a different Alexa device. Or, use the back button to return to your DIRECTV settings.

Heads up: You can use more than 1 Alexa device to control a single TV (i.e., a single DIRECTV device). But you can’t use 1 Alexa device to control multiple TVs (i.e., a multiple DIRECTV devices). For additional detail read our support article, Set up the DIRECTV Alexa skill.


Need help?

Learn more on How to use Alexa with DIRECTV and steps you can take to Troubleshoot the DIRECTV Alexa skill.


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Thanks, I had found those resources but there isn't really much there and the setup is simplistic.  However, in some stroke of luck, it just randomly started working.  So, I have no clue.  The only other thing I did was a "refresh" on the DirecTV website which didn't seem to help either.  Who knows, maybe there is some backend config that has to happen between Amazon and DTV that is just slow.  But, it appears to be working now.

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Good news.... I thought you might need to refresh your actual router. Mine lost its connection once....I had to delete skills and re- activate it, then I reentered my password on my tv. Don’t know which one helped but it came back. In all honesty, by the time I tell Alexa to change directv to channel xxxx, and wait for it to respond, my remote is faster....lol
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Still haven’t found a solution but do appreciate all the suggestions and eventually will get it figured out.

Sent from myMail for iOS
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Well, maybe I spoke too soon.

My LG OLED C8 has an Alexa integration and so I am not sure who is changing the channel to be honest! I’m not invoking the LG skill by name but Alexa isn’t complaining about not being able to reach DirecTV anymore. But, what has been weird is that it doesn’t seem to work on the Genie Minis and the TVs attached to the Mini units don’t have the Alexa integration into the TV itself. Likewise, Alexa isn’t complaining about not being able to reach DirecTV but the channel doesn’t change. No clue yet again!

Maybe I will reboot the router just for good measure in case there is some port that isn’t open in the firewall. I’ll fool with it and see what I can get to work.
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Well, no dice.  All the pieces work but the integration just doesn't.  At this point the Genie server isn't responding anymore so either there is some AWS -> DirecTV backend issue or something is funky.  Resetting the wireless router, resetting the Genie wireless setup, refreshing the Genie server, rebooting the Genie server, re-linking the skill all don't produce any results - though there aren't any errors anywhere that I can find either.


I'm guessing that Alexa is making a web services call to the DirecTV skill in AWS which is in turn making a call back to the receiver and/or some DirecTV server which talks to the server.  Best case it will always tend to be a bit slow, worst case something in the path doesn't work and it fails - which is what is probably happening here, somehow.  The other option, Fire Stick TV vis HDMI CEC integration, might just be the better way to go at this point even if I get this to work.  At least the CEC integration executes more locally.


I guess I will have to open a support case but I don't have much faith in DirecTV's responsiveness.


Maybe I just need to leave it alone for an hour or two like last time...hah.

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I would try calling Amazon and speak to the Alexa/ Echo team...over
Directv's. There is special Customer Support for Echo owners and they're
pretty smart. Since AT&T took Over Directv, general support doesn't seem
as good. They're using generic...." Try unplugging and re plug in your
receiver" type stuff.

I'm using my Echo Show to give commands to my 2013 Samsung Smart TV
through my Directv's HR54-500 dvr. My last Directv software update was back
on June 26th. I'm also logged into my router's 2G network.....not my 5G. I
heard that some systems have problems when using a 5G connection. Good Luck
and keep us posted.

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This is what I get from both Chrome desktop and my Samsung Note 8. 

Amazon Alexa
We were unable to link DIRECTV at this time.
Please try again later.
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I did all of that and it did connect. I can pause and resume the Direct TV - BUT when I ask for a specific program or recording then it has trouble and I get the message "Cannot connect to Direct TV"...  It should be able to do more than just pause and resume tv.  

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Boy, that is a head scratcher. All I can think of is to try this, if you
haven't. Say, Alexa ( or your wake up word), "TUNE" to CHANNEL NUMBER
xxx , rather than CBS or ABC.

It WILL NOT change to a Program OR Recording by Name. If you ask it to tune
to channel "WXYZ or TBS....it won't. You must use a channel number. Also,
I tried " Alexa, tune to SUITS, which is a program I have recorded. Alexa it
said it was having trouble communicating with Directv. But then I tried
saying "ALEXA, "PLAY" SUITS ( it was in my previous recordings" AND
BINGO...IT DID BRING IT UP, but I'm NOT SURE it was from my previous
recordings list. I asked it to PLAY "The Carpetbaggers" ( a movie I
recorded) and it couldn't find it. So I don't know what to tell you. Just
play around. Maybe it needs specific wording ....like PLAY OR TUNE.

It WILL Pause, Fast Forward or Rewind by saying " Alexa, Fast Forward (or
rewind) 15 seconds, 30 seconds etc. Don't say the channel number or it
will say it has trouble communicating with Directv. Seems it's really picky
as to what or how you say things.

Let me know if any of this helps....

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When will DirectTv allow Alexa to open up the menu and guide and view recordings?

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I have the exact same problem. I was on phone for 45 minutes with amazon customer service their final answer was check with DirecTV. After another 45 minutes with DirecTV (mostly on hold waiting for supervisor) I was told go back to Amazon, 

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Alexa works on just about everything for me...except searching. I ask her to find a show...and she finds it, I see it on the screen but it stays grayed out on the overall screen. I try to select a show...it displays “please wait”...and then nothing. Alexa is connected to a 4K client on my system. 





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I am hoping someone can help me.  I have been trying to get this working for a week now.  I have called both Amazon and Directv and no luck.  From Directv Support either I get that you need to have updated software sent to your receivers and say they will do it and yet they don't or We don't have a clue that Alexa and Directv was even supposed to work and don't have any knowledge of it.


I have no issues with linking the account, that works everytime.  The issue I have is being able to select one of my devices.  I have a HS-17 and 4 C41W's.  I know you can't select the HS-17 but I should be able to select one of the C41W's...  After I do the discovery it will see all 5 devices:


Genie Mini 7D002C (4 times) and Genie HS17-100


Under each one it does say: This device does not support Alexa video features.


Don't know why it says that if they are supported?  The Echo Dot and Directv HS17 is on the same SID and 2.4 Ghz network.  I have tried to do this from 3 different Devices(Web Page on PC, IOS and Fire Tablet).  All gives me the same thing, can't select them.


Someone Please help...

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AT&T/DirecTV can anyone respond to my question above????

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Never could get mine to work.
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