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Activation Failed: 'Activation key usage limit reached'

Activation Failed: 'Activation key usage limit reached'

I get this code when trying to install DriectTV2PC on a new(reinstall-Win7-64bit) system.  I have tried both of the keys that I have and it will not allow anymore keys as in "You have exceeded the maximum number of requests for a DIRECTV2PC".  What, other than signing up with another email address can I do to get this to work??




John Campanale

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Re: Activation Failed: 'Activation key usage limit reached'

The "cure" is as you state.  For whatever reason, the system allows only two activation keys per email address and does not allow you to reuse them.  Fortunately Hotmail allows unlimited numbers of free email addresses and the system will send keys to Hotmail without any problem.

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Re: Activation Failed: 'Activation key usage limit reached'

I am having the same problem as many others will when in time they replace their old computer. That is not a good way to fix a problem. Reprograming the program by the programers would be better. The other way is to fool the program into thinking you are someone else. How would you ask DIRECTV to fix these growing problem?

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