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my charges just doubles


my charges just doubles

After spending over 3 hours on the phone last Feb with salesman explaining that I had a flyer for direct TV for 29.99 a month and I wanted to have basic bundle internet and TV for under

$50. a month. we came up with a plan and I ended up being charged $86 a monthe because of hidden charges. after more phone calls I was able to get my bill reduced by slowing down internet now I was assured that my new charge would be $62.15 fr the remainder of my contract ( 2 Years) last week I got a bill stating my monthly charges would be $110.00 a month because a promotion ended! WHAT! never explained to me. another phone call and the best they could do is reduce my to $78.00 a month for 6 months, and reduced my Direct TV so all I get is infomercials without telling me, they say there is nothing they can do.

Well there IS something I can do.....Tell everyone i meet in my busy Costomer service job to NEVER , NEVER sign up and trust agents and managers at ATT and Direct TV. I have been in retail all my life and never expierienced such a scam befoer with any other company. Shame on you.

A very unhappy customer



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Re: my charges just doubles

I have never seen a promotion that lasts the full term of the contract. The credits are normally only for 12 months. I find it laughable when other customers are surprised that their bill changed. My bill clearly states the discount I have. For example, $5 off $74.99 for 12 months (7 of 12). I understand that once it says 12 of 12, my bill will increase the next month by $5.

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