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customer care rep just not caring


customer care rep just not caring

I have been a directv customer since 2005 and I actually think maybe longer than that. My bill shot up over $41 this month. I called and spoke with the retention department and asked to lower my bill as I have done many times before.


The customer svc agent was not helpful at all and offered me $14 dollars off. I have never experienced an agent that really just seem not to care about my business.  I asked if he realized how long I have been a customer and his response was no he cant see it and I then asked if he even cared and he had no response to that. I asked to speak to a mgr and he said a mgr wouldnt help me.


All he had to do was keep my bill at $76 so over $41 dollars they are willing to lose a long time customer so I went ahead and set up my service to be cancelled at the end of this billing cycle.  


I just cant believe this agent/directv would not want to keep me as a customer. You think paying $76 a month would be enough.  I also have my internet and cell phone coverage thru att but do not bundle. If this is how they treat me as a customer I will be finding new internet and cell as well. 

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Re: customer care rep just not caring

Hello @mistee234

We saw your post and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:


  • Name
  • Account number
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you



We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: customer care rep just not caring

I gave you my info and never received a response of call..


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ACE - Expert

Re: customer care rep just not caring


This is a public customer to customer forum. Yes, sometimes AT&T/Directv will make a one-time acknowledgement of your post, but you have to deal with them directly at that point. That will be sending a private message to @ATTDIRECTVCare or clicking the "here" link in their post.


Remember being long customers like ourselves (myself since 2003 when got new account in my name), does not guarantee a lifetime price range or discounts. Sometimes we may have to pay close to, if not the actual, regular cost. I would verify you have the most economical package for the channels you watch. New packages have come out over the years (even the new Preferred Xtra for those who watch little to no sports), and with channel negotiations sometimes a channel may be available in a lower costing package than it used to be (for example AMC used to be in about half of the packages and now it is all but the lowest Family).


Also check to see if that price difference was more than just prior discounts completing, like a free trial of any premium channels that finished, PPVs ordered, or any seasonal sport subscription renewal. Other than that see if you have any optional services you don't use.


Discounts are nice when available, but verify where you base cost is coming from as that will be your long term savings.

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Re: customer care rep just not caring

I sent a private message the other day when the person at at&t requested it and did not receive a call or response .


I would think being a long time customer or even a new customer I and any other customer should be treated kindly when calling in. The customer care agent was rude and flat out said a manager would not help me and that I could not speak with a manager. He also told me he didn't know how long I have been with them and did not even attempt to answer one of my questions.  This is an agent in the RETENTION dept someone who is supposed to try and keep my business.  In my line of work a customer ask a question and I answer it. If I do not have the answer I find it. I don't act like I am put out for doing my job and I don't just say I can't answer the customers questions.  


I understand prices rise but having no sports and the basic package I do not think $117 a month is worth it. Regardless my subscription is set to be cancelled on April 2nd and that is fine. I will not give my business to companies that treat their customers poorly. I paid $76 for satellite, about $60 for internet and $280 for cell. So about $400 a month total to at&t monthly. I hope other customers are treated better than I was but if they aren't they don't put up with it and cancel. Money talks!

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Re: customer care rep just not caring

I have had the same experience. I have been a loyal customer since 2004 and the customer reps I spoke to could care less in retaining my business with them.
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Re: customer care rep just not caring

Still no call or response from at&t. I guess the online agents dont care either.

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Re: customer care rep just not caring

Same here.  ATT seams to be under the impression that I'm going to wait on hold for 70 plus minutes to speak to a dude I can't understand.  


At least they've ignored six, SIX! attempts to get help. 


Oh, and my "whole home DVR hasn't worked since around Thanksgiving.  Think they'd fix it?  I guess that extra $8/mo for the hardware "warranty" is really just for, well, honestly, I have no idea what it's for. 


I'd call and complain about it but I don't want to sit on hold for 70 more minutes.

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Re: customer care rep just not caring

Just an update. I never received a response here or a call from at&t.


I cancelled my directv service on April 2nd and couldn't be happier w/ my decision. I am cancelling my u-verse internet in the next few days. I found a cheaper company with higher speed and I will be cancelling my at&t cell phone soon too. (I have 5 lines with at&t)


I am sick and tired of companies not giving a crap about their customers' business and actually its probably just the employee that doesn't care but hopefully enough people cancel and they train their employees to start treating their customers better. 


Oh and in regards to you not being able understand the person I am assuming this is because the call is outsourced. When that happens I just keep asking to speak with someone in America no matter what they say. Eventually they will transfer you to someone else. You shouldn't even have to sit there for 10 minutes trying to get someone on the phone you can understand but unfortunately that seems to be the norm now. 

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Re: customer care rep just not caring

And another thing I was told I would receive something so I can send back my dvr boxes and I havent received anything. Where are my return labels and boxes at&t? I shouldnt have to call in and deal with your rude reps to be able to return YOUR product. The agent said I would be receiving those and I am sure he didnt do his job because its been over 2 weeks and nothing has came in the mail. 

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