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  •  no question just a comment do you know what is crazy,paying 100.00 dollars for channels you never watch.i just called your service dept.and found out i can't talk to anyone in this country that speaks english,thats you raised my bill another 9.00 dollars,and the only way to lower my bill is to lower my package.if i was a new customer i can get direct tv,high speed internet and phone service for89.99.i have one box no premium channels and no recording devices and my bill is 102.00 dollars so i say it again.crazy is paying 100.00 dollars for channels you never 2 year commitment ends 8/6/2017 and so will my direct tv.               jack mills orient il     .p.s. i could not find a way on your website to send a private email so i guess i'll just vent here.also no chat.
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Re: crazy

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Re: crazy

You can send a private message to @ATTDIRECTVCare or use online chat at


Everybody was a new customer once. They don't get lifetime pricing, they get an intro promotion for at least 1 year. So they are just at that part like we were. Sometimes new specials might be available, but should not be expected. Sometimes to lower cost we may have to reduce or remove something, just the reality. You can always increase your services again later.


If you don't watch sports (or just ESPN and ESPN2) and are in Premier, Ultimate, or Xtra (or Choice if you pay an RSN fee) then ask Directv about their Preferred Xtra package. It is for people who watch little to no sports, is cheaper than those 3 packages (or comparable in price to Choice but with additional channels) so may help lower the bill or give you more bang for your buck.

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Re: crazy

i didn't complain after the first year i expected that,i did not complain when they raised it again after a couple more months,but when they raised it again another 9 bucks that is to much,where and when does it i said i have one box  and i like the golf channel so if i want it i have to stay with what i have .SOMEDAY SOMEONE WILL COME UP WITH THE NOVEL IDEA OF ONLY PAYING FOR THE CHANNELS PEOPLE WANT,NO WAIT THAT MAKES TO MUCH SENSE.THEN THEY COULDN'T PUSH THESE OTHER 200 CHANNELS NOBODY WATCHES

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Re: crazy

Channel owners as they multiple networks require all tv providers to package in channels regardless of an individual person's interest in those channels. And when the channel owners raise the cost to the tv provider, some cost gets passed on to the customer. Just like any other business who's operating costs goes up would have to raise prices.


The golf channel requires Xtra or above because it is a more niche sports channel than some others. Unless we can force the channel owners to allow tv providers to do al-a-carte options then these are the options available. You can lower the package to save cost or you can stay in Xtra and pay the higher price if the Golf Channel is worth that much for you. But if there is part of the year you don't watch the Golf channel, then lower your package during those months.

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