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change my due date


change my due date

Prior to being forced to pay my DirecTV bill through ATT, my past payment due date was always on the 1st of the month.

I'm on a very limited income from Social Security so I've arranged for all my bills to be paid on the 1st of the month.  Now Since ATT forces me to pay on the 12th, when at that time all my bills (except DirecTV) are already paid.  I could very easily not have enough money in my account.  At what date is my bill payment calculated.  My goal is to pay the bill in at least the first week of the month. When does ATT send out the paper bill or post the payment due online?  This way I'll pay my bill earlier.  I'll need to stop the automatic debit payment which is what I use now.  This is a lot of wasted time on my part because typically ATT does everything possible for their bottom line not for customer service.  I thought that the goal of any company would be to help the customer, not put them through all these steps just to pay a bill.  DirecTV is the only thing I use at ATT.  My past experience with ATT (20 years or so) was their Very Very Poor customer service and finding ways to assist the users.  I would do anything not to have to go through your company at all. What really bothers me is that you consider paying your DirecTV bill through ATT an Upgrade.  Upgrade it’s NOT

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Re: change my due date

Cycle starts day 1

Day 2 bill produces

Listed due date on bill is day 20

Bill is only past due if payment still not posted to account before day 1 of the next cycle.


So the approx. 10 days (depending on 30/31/Feb month) from the listed due date are like a grace period. Allows some breathing room if there was any issues with payment processing and need to resubmit payment. If you are on automatic bill pay with a credit card it goes through the same day the bill produces. But if auto bill pay with checking account it goes through day 15 so posted before listed due date but plenty of time after the bill produces to make sure you have enough in the account. Otherwise stick to manual payments and just pay before the bill cycle starts over an you are fine.


DirecTV billing/account systems have to integrate into AT&T's systems. They are merging the info over to a system built to be compatible with AT&T, which is a lost easier than trying to build a perfect synergy between the two proprietary systems.

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