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Who knew there was worse customer service than TWC?


Who knew there was worse customer service than TWC?

I'm very close to pulling service.  Huge mistake switching to Directv.

For some reason after one month my bill is no longer combined after the first month.  I received notices that I owed money yet no itemized bill.  To add to the confustion when I logged in to look at the bill either on my AT&T app it showed that the amount owed was $0.00.  When I followed the link in the email saying that I owed money I was promptly routed to AT&T site that said I owe wait for it $0.00.  


On 4/7 I called customer service.  After talking to "Ben" reading from his script I was handed off to a supervisor of some sort.  Things only went downhill from there.  This guy tried, I will say that.  At this point nobody has yet to be able to show me an itemized bill let alone offer an explanation of why combined billing has stopped.  After nearly an hour if not more on the phone I was told that I would receive an itemized bill in my email as well as a paper statement.  Nope, I received an email with the amount and yep, you guessed it.  A link that routed me to AT&T stating amount owed $0.00.  So an hour on the phone and pretty much made to feel like this is my fault.  Super!


On 4/9 I woke up early and headed to the AT&T store.  You know since the email told me I could go there to make my payment which I am now convinced I genuinely owe.  I will say that the folks at the store were very nice.  The gentleman called someone in billing that assured him that yes I am indeed still signed up for combined billing but Directv has not submitted an amount.  They make a note on the account that I tried to make a payment and not to incur late fees or loss of service. 


Today I actually received an itemized bill in the mail!  I wrote a check and it is in the mailbox for pickup tomorrow.  See how easy that is?  Give me a bill and I pay it.  Only problem it still isn't what I asked for and what I had for my first month.  A combined bill.  


So rather than waste another hour of my life on the phone with Directv (I'm at 2 hours of my time wasted now when factoring in the phone call with the AT&T store) I would just communicate through email.  Nope, not so much.  The contact us page has phone numbers and AT&T store locations.  


My hope is that somebody monitors this and can communicate via email.  My patience is very thin and cannot guarantee my temper on the phone any longer.  I have done more than my due dilligence as a customer.  At this point I feel my time and agrivation is worth something and don't feel that I should have to pay another bill until my bill is once again combined as I signed up for and expect.  If I have to make another call it will be to disconnect service.

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Re: Who knew there was worse customer service than TWC?

Try chat as there is no longer an email option for DTV or try AT&T Customer Care, they take a little longer to reply.

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