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I never post negative reviews but I have to justify the HOURS wasted and numerous calls with customer service regarding and error charge their billing department posted to my account on December 1, 2018. It’s now 1/12/19 and my dispute has not been resolved. I should apply for a management job in their finance department and my first task, FIRE ALL THE INCOMPETENT WORKERS!! This is basic accounting! You charge a customer account in error; the customer disputes; look back at your original entry and process the correction. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!! I was told the dispute would be resolved in 3 to 5 business days and I would receive confirmation email and/or courtesy phone call. None of those things occurred! Another rep said it would take 45 days to resolve and I should contact my bank. I said what does my bank have to do with your error and since being a customer for over ten years, I’ve never paid my bill via my bank. AT&T, invest resources and train you staff because if I could give a rating worst than 1, I would! If my service is interrupted as a result of your error...well after ten years with Directv and over 20 years with AT&T, it’s time to switch to another provider and I will contact anyone I recommended and advise them to cancel immediately!!

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Hello @DarkHorse7
To fully assist with this issue further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.

I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages by clicking the Forums Inbox. Locate the PM from ATTCares and reply to my message with your specific account details.

I look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist

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I have to also post my dissatisfaction with the customer service.  I was told my two year contract would end on 

Feb.4,2019.  During the time I have had Directv, I have had numerous problems with the remotes and the televisions responding to the remotes.  That and the fact that I don't watch TV that often lead to the conclusion that I needed to cancel the services after the two year contract was expiring.  The cost was also increasing after the two year contract expired.

My first 20 minute phone call to customer service ended with the rep telling me I could not call early to schedule a cancellation of service for Feb.4.  I was told there would be an early cancellation fee if I was calling today to cancel the service. 

The next day I called again and waited 10 minutes to talk to a service rep again.  I again explained the intention of my call was to schedule a disconnection of services for Feb.4th.  I spent an additional 20 minutes explaining why I was calling and the rep did not seem to understand .  I asked to speak to a supervisor and after finally asking if she was telling me I could not speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold another 5 minutes.  I then explained to the supervisor the reason, I was calling and was told they would take care of that and did in less than one minute.  I will never use Directv again.

































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Totally agree that customer service is one of, if not, the worst I've ever encountered.  Spent over 40 minutes today trying to resolve an issue with the DTV web site guide.  After logging into my account wanted to view the program guide to see what programs were on, but it wouldn't load on my computer.  Worse part is the DTV agent that was supposedly going to help me resolve the issue didn't understand or know that the program guide is suppose to list DTV channels and what programs are being telecast at a particular time.  The agent kept sending me to the listing of channeIs I subscribe to but did not understand the difference between a program guide that lists channels and what programs are playing and a list of channels in a particular DTV package.  Really a waist of time talking to these agents that are clueless and hard to communicate with!  You would think DTV would have technical support agents that know the DTV system but more times than not the agents I get when I call seem to have a minimum knowledge of the system.

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