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Phone Support makes me want to scream


Phone Support makes me want to scream

I have been a DirecTV customer for over 24 years, and have contacted customer support on numerous occasions without problem (Before AT&T).   In this case, I was over charged by several hundred dollars.  I get that their are limitations to using foreign call centers, but recently, the script they are using is not good.  It is extremely hard to keep my cool, and I am sure my blood pressure goes up about 40 points when I dial the phone number.  To be completely honest, the only reason I am still a DirecTV customer is the NFL Sunday Ticket.  


I am not directing this at the people I talked to on the phone.  They are doing the job that they are being told to do.  Here are my biggest issues with phone support:


1.  Too much apologizing.  Stop apologizing every time you come back from a hold.  Stop thanking me for staying on the line.  Over the course of my 3 recent phone calls, I was apologized to continuously.  I would estimate that It was in the range of 40 times over 2 hours.  After the 2nd apology, it rings hollow.  After the 4th or 5th one, it starts to have the opposite effect.   I took every ounce of self control to not scream, "Stop %^#&@ apologizing, and just take care of the %$#@#@ problem!!!!"


2.  When the phone call is over, the 'recap' of the conversation makes me want to hit myself with a hammer. 


3.  They have also commented each time on how their help must have put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.  NO, IT DID NOT, the comment highlights how absurd it is to use a script when providing customer service.


4.  Give your phone support people the power to actually do something.  On one of my phone calls, I must have talked to 10 different people.


I am left to the opinion that AT&T has purposefully made their DirecTV phone support worse than going to the dentist.  The issue I had was being charged about $400 more than I should have.  If it had not been so high, I probably would have hung up just to avoid the aggravation.

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Re: Phone Support makes me want to scream

Hi, @NFL_Junkie.

Thank you for sharing your feedback on our forum. We're always looking for ways to continue working towards improvements for every aspect of the service we provide, and we appreciate you letting us know what you would like to change.

While we understand the monotony that can come with scripted responses and verbiage, it is necessary for us to have a universal grounding point to the support that we provide, so that everyone can experience the same level of support and expect that level of support when they reach out to us. It is never our intention to cause so much frustration through these processes, and we're constantly looking over what to change based on our loyal family members responses to our surveys and public postings like these.

We'll make sure that we pass this along the necessary channels. As a heads up, you can always reach out here on the forums for help, or by live chat at att.com/contactus, if you prefer not to talk to the phone customer service team.

Let us know if you still need any help with your services, an thank you for choosing AT&T!

John, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Phone Support makes me want to scream



1. Apologizing. Agree with that point for any company. Certainly apologize for something you are personally responsible for. Otherwise assurance of help is enough. Certainly some empathy is appreciated, but keep it simple and not repetitive as saying it over and over starts to lose value. All the apologizing and empathy does not resolve an issue, so keep this in moderation.


2. If recap is simple and efficient, that is fine. Just confirming what you wanted to accomplish and what was actually done. That way if there was something that got forgotten or a misunderstanding it can be cleared up without having to callback.


3. I get some agents strive for a more personal experience. But if they are using a straight up scripted way to do it, well that defeats the purpose. A simple polite ending fine. But embellishing (must have put a smile on your face) scripted to multiple agents is fake and trust in the company goes down for them meaning what they say.


4. Not sure if it is a matter of providing the power to do something, but better training to know what they can do. Agents knowledge on DirecTV specific services needs to improve. And make sure they do look up whatever policies and procedures there are instead of making guesses that are obviously wrong from those of us who have had DirecTV for more than a year or 2.


At least they have the public forums so experienced customers, those who have been around the DirecTV block a few times, can help each other out. Let us make sure the forums remain a resource to compliment customer service and not as a replacement to it. Love DirecTV service, but I have seen challenges in keeping quality since the merger. Looking forward to DirecTV truly feeling like the top spot again.

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