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Paperless billing


Paperless billing

I signed up for paperless billing basically from day one. I have never received an email showing my bill or amount due or anything. I made several long phone calls to try to get it worked out and finally gave up because even though I would receive test emails, I still never receive my bills. So today I cancelled paperless billing so I will get a bill in the mail and guess what..... I get an email confirming that I cancelled paperless billing!!! Why is this so difficult to fix???
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Re: Paperless billing

You can attempt to sign up for paperless billing again after having it removed, it's possible when the e-mail was put in the system the first time there was an error in the way it was typed in or some such. Also, with paperless billing you should be able to sign into the DirecTV website and see your statements from there as well by clicking on My Account in the top right corner and selecting 'My Bills & Transactions.

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