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Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

When it comes to the recent website change, my parents didn't know how to find their bill after the update. Once I showed them where to look though, they were able check it without any problems.


In an effort to help everyone, I took some screenshots to help guide everyone to the online bill, show you the new look of the bill, and other cool options.


Let’s get started!  Scroll down or click on the Accepted Solution for all the details.

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‎03-21-2019 10:36 AM

Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

  1. First thing first, sign into your account at att.com.
  2. Tap or select See my bill as shown below. If there is a balance due, you may see Pay my bill. (If you have multiple services, you will see a Total balance tab)

View Bill 1.jpg

In the screenshots below, I marked cool things you can do from the billing area like:

  • View different billing periods (scroll to the bottom)
  • View changes to your bill from the previous one
  • View your payment and credit details
  • Make a payment

View Bill 2.jpg 

When you get time, sign into your account at www.att.com to view your new AT&T Billing Experience.

If you have questions, please post below.


View Bill 3.jpg


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I have been on chat & on the phone & I can’t find my Direct Tv bill anywhere since you guys had the update this past weekend! What is going on??

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

Same here. Our DirecTV bill is *NOT* included under the view bill section of the web site. There is *NO* "TV & video" category. The only service is our wireless account.

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I am having the exact problem. Only wireless bill showing on bill.

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I have had the exact same problem.  Customer service told me I need to wait for the system to update but supposedly I should see both my AT&T bill and my Directv bill on the website and with the app.  Neither is true.

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

This is not solved!  Nothing is solved!!  It is NOT showing anything on my screen after I merged my two accounts.  I still only see the AT&T account.  There is no Directv anything.

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I finally called the customer service number for DirecTV and got the issue resolved. This may work for you as well, *IF* your AT&T wireless account and your DirecTV account have not been merged. I had an existing DirecTV online account, but after the consolidation could no longer log in. I was given a temporary 6-digit passcode which allowed me to essentially create a new DirecTV account. Once created, I was prompted to create a new password for that account. I can now access the 2 separate accounts -- 1 for the AT&T wireless (phone) account and another for the DirecTV account. I believe I can choose to merge the 2 into one account and may do so later. At the moment I've had enough of dealing with AT&T online, so will keep the 2 separate accounts. This consolidation appears to have been *****, IMO. 


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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

Thank you for the response. I was able to merge the two accounts with one
username and password and logging into Directv gives me the ability to
watch anything like normal. When I go to an option for billing or my
statement it takes me to AT&T website but from there is no option for
anything concerning my Directv account. I also have the AT&T app and that
doesn't show my account for Directv either.
For now, I will give it time until the billing cycle for Directv
progresses. Hopefully at that time these issues will be resolved.
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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I haven't even *tried* to stream DirecTV. Will see how that works today, using the new phone I got this week. Viewing my account and billing were my priorities, and creating a new log-in solved that. It seems they haven't managed to resolve those issues once the 2 accounts have been merged. I think I'll stick with 2 until I know that's no longer an issue. Glad you can at least view what you're paying for now!

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I was able to merge both accounts into one Access ID. So billing is under ATT now. Will see what happens when Directv bill comes due. I’m on autopay for both
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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

Thanks for the info. Today my login was unsuccessful, said my username
and/or password was incorrect. Yesterday using my phone number for my user
ID worked but now I am forced to use the one I received in my email.
Refusing to call and wait forever on hold, I got all worked out even though
it threatened to lock me out of my account. Once I got logged in, both my
AT&T-Directv accounts were listed. All is golden for now.
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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I am using my phone number as access ID. Seems to be fine. Once logged in, both ATT and Directv both show up in billing. Seems to be fine for now.

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

How do they get it so cheap?  We pay more and don't have movie channels

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Re: Navigating to the New DIRECTV Bill

I don't see my direct tv account !!  I'm trying to access my direct tv home page.

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